This May Be Offensive To Some

I want to give you fair warning that this post may be offensive to some of you because it is going to contain a word I personally hate and I am sure many of you feel the same way I do, but I just have to make a post about it for several reasons.

  1. It proves once again that a narcissist does not change.
  2. It gives new meaning to the most offensive word in the English language (in my opinion)
  3. It might give you a laugh
  4. It demonstrated the fuckedupedness of how the narcissist brain works I don’t have the pay for IP tracker program any more and downgraded to the free version; so it only track 500 visitors per day. I don’t check it often but once every couple of weeks I will go in and have a look around, (it also tracks unique visits, repeat visits etc, all info that is nice to know). The last time I went in there was a visitor from Powell River again, so I kept a closer eye on it and they were in several days in a row. Now anyone in Powell River could be visiting my site, it doesn’t have to be my ex but in the past any time someone from Powell River visited my site something bad happened in my life, such as a drone outside my window, long lost friends calling to “just see how I am”, anonymous calls of complaint to welfare, landlords, and bosses……so I tend to take notice and start to watch my back when Powell River shows up on my visitor list.

I did a search on his usual User Name and came across his new blog and this is the post he had made.

“50 years wasted on cunts that were wrong for me.

At your very best, you will not be good enough for the wrong person.

At your very worst, the right person will be doing what they can to help, while still loving you.

It took me 50 years to figure that one out.

50 years wasted on cunts that were wrong for me. At least I figured it out.”

I hate the word, cunt; to me that is the worst thing you can call me. But! when I read it my first thought was;
“Finally!! he admits I was right all along. He is the one with the problem. Either he is attracted to psycho bitches or he turns them into psycho bitches but either way he has a problem.”
Then I thought, wait……what the hell is he saying? does it even make sense? there is nothing profound there. He has had it many times in his life, with every “cunt” he has been with.
Personally, if I met a guy and he told me that every woman he had ever been involved was a cunt, I would be running to the highest hill!! Even before I met my ex, for one thing I hate the word cunt but it is not possible to only date cunts unless you have major issues yourself. If a woman was complimented by a guy telling her she is the only woman he has dated that isn’t a cunt, I would wonder about her!
His statement is so hate filled, he obviously has not done any work on himself in the past 5 years. I have to wonder which woman he is trying to impress with this spewing of hate and self righteousness. Have no fear, she will join the ranks of cunts he has been with soon enough.
I came up with an acronym for C.U.N.T.S that has changed my whole view of the word and you may like it also.
C aring U nselfish N aïve T arget of a S ociopath
Yep. That would make me a cunt alright!
How about you? are you  cunt too?

22 thoughts on “This May Be Offensive To Some

  1. Kathy

    That’s funny Carrie, my ex called his exes psycho bitches too and now me probably.
    He forgets to mention the tiny detail as you said that he makes them into psycho bitches :))
    Well this one is finally sane again! Lol

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  2. Peter Wells aka Countingducks

    I can’t type the word, of course, but caring, unselfish and very giving of your thought and kindness is how I would describe you which doesn’t equate to any known word but, regardless, it is a horror story to hear people of your worth described in ways he used for his own selfish ends. Hugs from overseas 🙂

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    1. Carrie Reimer Post author

      Peter, thank you so much. You know, it has absolutely no effect on me any more. I know who I am and my worth. All this shows is how truly sick he is and how no woman would ever make him happy or be able to “fix” him.
      I will take the hug though! Hugs right back to you!


  3. You know who I am pricks

    Awesome post, yep most of us seem to be cunts, but at least we aren’t selfish pricks! Looking at world news as a whole, the selfish pricks who take all the wealth and leave the caring types with nothing are rotting in their own mess…the recent offshore leak of thousands of greedy beneficiaries,, wiki leaks, banking practices, are all signs that societies have had enough of this treatment. Spouting democracy, western way of life, we’re all in it together, these deceitful pricks are much closer to an end that what most will realise. When dealing with a dumb sheep nation, it is possible to bully and ostracise people who are on their own. The fact is Carrie, they don’t like you, or your ideals, and they fear the day when you can no longer be bullied into submission, and for many of us that day has passed. I have a big situation here in the UK, and they will poison me with heart stopping drugs, watch me, intimidate me, but I have one message for the narcissist network who abuses people to such levels….fuck you pricks, I’d rather be a cunt any day, at least I have the moral high ground you empty shelled pathetic excuse for a person, now go rot in the ground and give us all a break. And those who dictate their greed and malicious intent through government channels, go fuck yourself pricks as I will never be the slave you want me to be so kill me now and prove that you have no concept of humanity…I said my piece, I feel so much better now 🙂

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  4. Sandra

    He used to like to call me and his mum that and like you I truly, truly hate this word and he knew that…..I realised after 5 long terrible abusive years that the only c..t was him…I love how you have turned it around to mean something so much better 😊

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  5. James killer

    Oh sorry I forgot to mention…if you are reading James, your a spineless goon, so go disappear whilst you have the chance! Such a life waster I wouldn’t piss on you if on fire you fucking mug!

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    1. Tracy

      It’s funny when you understand their pitiful thought process, you can actually read his opening remarks and see how he reveals what a malignant virus he really is and how twisted his mind is.

      What he really says is, “My very best is so, so sickeningly lacking that it pleases no one”. And that is of course because his very best is always and forever only about himself and his doing always only what he wants. Did he really think that should make anyone else happy?

      But then after his feeble best suckingly falls short, always and incredulously to his strange surprise, he then with great malice and intent, resorts to his very worst. When he resorts to his worst, …gosh we have all been there, (my stomach knots just thinking of those panic stricken and insane few seconds when I would first realize it was coming) …when he breaks full steam into his carefully orchestrated worst moments, what is it he expects from the poor fool in his clutches at that moment?…

      Well of course he expects that she should be earnestly helping him…sticking close beside him warmly and lovingly cleaning up his chaotic and destructive messes… over…and over… and over again, …and all the while telling him what a wonderful good boy is he.

      Bleh…I can sure see the kind of mother who makes this type of man. In fact, she was my mother in law for 33 years. The worse he behaved, the more wonderful she told him he was.

      No where in his rant is there any room for giving one once of thought about the thing beside him that is less than a dog…less than a paperweight…less than a fly who at least has the freedom to fly off to some other dung hill. In his mind she was created by his own magical and powerful thought, by his and only his needs, and for only one glorious purpose…to be at his beck and call…blindly building him up…fixing his broken everything and stuffing her very soul into the giant gaping wound that is his entire carcass, so that he can stifle for a little while the screaming shadow of emptiness that follows his every footstep, haunting him tirelessly night and day and ever threatening to reveal to the universe that he is not special, that he is not a God, that he is like everyone else, ordinary and trite and insignificant on this planet.

      Yeah that’s what I read in those first two self absorbed sentences of his….and yes I am one of those C _ N _ S too! Hooray for us…we survived…and we are finding our strength again…and spending it on our own lovely deserving selves! He can take his best and his worst and shove them both into that cavernous hole that is his person. See if it makes him happy. He might find even he is the wrong person for himself!!!!


  6. O.

    Yep, I am both a Being In Total Control of Herself and a Capable Undominated Narc-free Thriver! And proud of being both! Hahaha. I love you, Carrie!


  7. My Inner Chick

    I’ve never been called that word ( is it a word?)…
    but I know several women who have, including my sister.
    For me, it is ugly & abusive & makes me cringe…
    the only other word that causes me experience this cringiness is n*gger.
    –Just my thoughts.


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  8. lost

    oh Carrie..youre still as awesome as ever! maybe even “awesomer” ha ha. when words aren’t supposed to matter, this one always stings. I hate the word too, but I admit I used it in my last words to him, knowing its’ power…I guess it “takes one to know one” lol


  9. sissy

    Love it Carrie..I too HATE that word..and jackasses like him use that word as a last resort..especially if they know you are on to them and they know you are right !!..Thank you Carrie for all the help and love you show us narc survivors..God bless you always.



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