Over Two Million Views

Yesterday the blog rolled over 2 million hits in total; with over 2200 followers. There are blogs with many more followers and zillions of hits but for someone who just hoped my words reached one woman and let her know she was not alone or crazy 2 million is like winning the lotto. Never in my wildest dreams did I think I would reach that many people from all over the world!

It has been extremely difficult to not have an internet connection lately, I hate not being here if someone comments and needs help but the people here have done a great job supporting each other.

I have learned so much from this blog, from the people who visit here and received so much support and love I can’t imagine where I would be had I not reached out in desperation looking for answers and a reason to live. I felt empty and like I could not carry on when I started the blog and the people here filled me with love, encouragement, support and made me accountable, they shared their pain, their joy, and at times they put food on my table and a roof over my head.

I always loved to write, it was my therapy but never did I think anyone would want to read what I have to say and now I have 2230 people who actually signed up to be notified when I publish a post! Little old me. Like they say, one person can change the world, even if just a little bit.

Before I lost my internet I downloaded a bunch of my top posts from here and Quora and have taken the opportunity to work on my book in the evenings. Reading old posts and the comments has brought back so many memories and I wonder where some of the people are and how their lives are. Did they go on to find love? Have they found inner peace and no longer allow anyone else to define them? That is what I hope.

Some still come here and it fills my heart when I see them supporting a new visitor to the blog and I see my words coming out of their mouths, preaching no contact just like I did to them when they came in here feeling lost and broken.

There are a few I know of who are still with their abuser and I worry about them, Jill being one that crosses my mind often, others who stopped coming because they went back and then months later show up more broken than before. There have been victories, court cases won and children used as pawns by the narcissist. There are people like me who have been destroyed financially by their ex and struggle daily to survive. Mothers who didn’t get to see or even hear from their children yesterday. Victims are all different, from all walks of life but they all have one thing in common; they are strong, supportive, caring, and making the world a better place just by being existing.

They have all been told they are “too sensitive” like it is a bad thing to care about other people, that they are crazy, and they all doubt themselves, isn’t it a good thing to have self reflection and be willing to admit you might be wrong, isn’t it a good thing to want to see the good in people and believe everyone has a good side? Where would the world be without the caring, empathetic people?

I would hate to live in a world without the sensitive caring people; I cringe at the thought of what the world would be like. It is the caring sensitive in the world that instigate positive change, champion a cause, and change the world. Do not ever feel you are less than the other guy because you care!!

The world needs MORE people like you, not less!!! and don’t let the narcissist steal that from you.



10 thoughts on “Over Two Million Views

  1. EchoNoMorr

    Carrie, congratulations on the continued success of your blog. You have my utmost respect for getting up every day and continuing to find reasons to live and be part of society. The fact that you are sharing you story, both the successes and the failures has helped so much in my recovery journey. Many many times, you have inspired me to not give up.
    I have wanted to be here reaching out to people who comment, but my health and my FOO has been consuming so much of my time and energy. In reference to the FOO issues, once I realized what the x was doing to me, I can clearly see what is going on here in my family. There will be some hard decisions to be made for my own health and happiness, but thanks to the support here, once you see IT you can never unsee IT!
    Peace and Love

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    1. sleeping tiger

      Echo, Yes, that’s how it was for me. When I woke up to what was going on with a (ex) significant other I could also see more clearly what was going on with my toxic family. And it’s so true…once you know, you can never un-know. A weird thing though, I’m still having these awareness moments where I realize how bad a certain behavior or series of behaviors actually was.

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  2. Ray

    This blog had helped me immensely, as my narcissist showed up again months ago, and I believed he had changed. I am now in the no contact stage, my family is reeling because he has sent them screen shots of private texts between the two of us, and had sent porn pics, claiming it’s me. Humiliating, sad, broken, and dejected, I am finding it hard to pick myself up after this bout of insanity (never again ). I’ll keep reading, and hopefully get inspired to do the things I need to get my life back together again. Never, never, never let your narc have any financial control. That was the hardest part. Scrambling for a job now, but nothing happens quickly. Keep up the inspiration. We all need it.


  3. Off the Wall

    Hi Carrie! Of course you should be proud! This is a HUGE accomplishment! Even tho I never had a narcissistic boyfriend/husband, I had one for a boss, and your blog opened my eyes to him! Let’s just say Karma is a BITCH, and he got his handed to him! I was instrumental in his demise, and am proud he can no longer torture another employee! I now work for MYSELF and part time for a wonderful man who is the anti-thesis of a narcissist, and I tell him how grateful I am to him every day! So keep it up girlfriend! You help so many!


  4. Marlene

    Your blog has always been my favorite Carrie. You are the most down to earth strong intelligent compassionate women I have ever gotten to know on here. I rarely comment but I do read and there is soooo much I can identify with you.
    I am your Albertan neighbor Marlene.
    A lot has changed in my life since I’ve last commented.
    My daughter Heidi is one of the Fort McMurray fire evacuees. She has a son with NDI…a bf who lost his job… They do not know weather their home is destroyed or not.
    I am now unemployed because of the oil and gas situation. I live alone…single for 4 years now from the psychopath I was with. Haven’t gone on a date since and that’s just fine by me. I am very much alone
    with zero support from family for any years now. That’s fine by me to. My family is extremely poisonous. So called strangers like ladies like you and on your blog are my family. Women that know so much about the pain that I keep inside. I take comfort from reading other ladies experiences. I observe Alot on your blog Carrie. Why? Because Im frozen inside. I do not trust people. I can’t open up. I mostly observe. Thank you Carrie. You are like a big sister to me. My other two blood sisters failed horribly in that department in being a big sister to me as well as my 5 brothers. I am the youngest of eight. Many males in my life have been narcissist and psychopaths.
    Thank you for all that you do Carrie. I just had a couple puffs of weed…stressed and in pain…Works wonders! TRUE
    Blessings to you from my heart.
    Marlene (Edmonton AB)


  5. juliannsite

    Congratulations. The amount of help and encouragement I’ve gotten from reading you and several other bloggers here that are recovering/ed victims of NPDs is invaluable. I could not have done this alone. I haven’t cried in 2.5 days and that’s huge.

    Going through it, you feel like no one else can possibly understand. Nope. I’m not alone. Far from it. I see that now.

    Thank you for your help. I’m so grateful. I consider myself incredibly lucky.


  6. kim

    oh carrie this blog is invaluable to me thankyou so much having tough time got a letter to say hes stopping paying my bills in true narc tone i am a mess again life is too hard my mum and dad and my daughter are so kind i broke today my daughter read his letter and almost councelled me said i should stay away from him we will be ok together i think she realises there is another side to jhim so sad he also has another woman and has lost another job now here is the laugh he is going to be a personal trainer at 53 he has hernias and prostate problems more like a personal prat i need to put the pieces of me together again xxx


  7. Chrissy

    Is there any chance of all that I could change my husbands narcissistic mindset to where he will stop? He is 78 and I’m 50. Maybe he’s so used to acting this way, he doesn’t know any other kind of behavior. After catching him and calling him out, he claims that he’s a changed man. I’ve caught him so many times that he says he’s doing nothing. According to his phone records and an app I put on his phone, he’s being a good boy. Unless he has another phone. Is it possible he is telling the truth that he’s changed?



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