Being Street Smart

I did a post to FaceBook the other day and I bet I forgot to post it on the blog. It was about personal safety devices and the link is here.

Please note that they are asking for feedback from readers on what women want and need in a personal safety device. When I posted it on Facebook there was a very good point made, one that had struck me also.

I have deactivated my Cell phone GPS because I am afraid of my ex tracking me through it and that is the fear of some other victims and a justified fear!

The perfect safety device would have to be small and something independent of any other device, it would have to be disguised in some way, like to look like a bracelet or something and it would have to be secure enough to not be accidentally activated and it has to be affordable. Check out the site and leave your opinion.

I read another good article on the same site tonight about avoiding danger when you are out alone at night. The 7 signs a woman should be aware of that warn her that a man is potentially dangerous. This is not necessarily “narcissistic men, although I believe most men who commit violence against women are antisocial disordered.

I have an app on my phone that is supposed to give my location and can also send photos and record sounds and send them in real time to my selected contacts. I have no idea how to activate it but it has been sending SOS signals to signals and pictures of the inside of my purse to my brother on a regular basis. IF I was in danger my brother would just ignore or do what he did the other day; send me a text saying “your phone is sending me SOS’s again”.

For one thing the first thing a perpetrator is going to do is make sure you don’t have your phone on you to call for help.

I wanted to share this because, yes we all have been victims of abuse, but it we had a relationship with our abuser and we learned to shut off our natural instincts that tell us when we are in danger. Victims get so consumed with what they went through and their immediate pain they can miss signs they are in immediate danger. Or your ex “runs” into you and is so friendly, wants to “just talk” and even though you know you shouldn’t you feel pressured to go with him because you don’t want to appear uncaring or like a bitch.

Women really have to stop being so damned polite.


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