The Reality Of Love

This is a recycled post from two years ago that I thought was well worth reposting.

It’s all about trusting, trusting that the truth always comes out, trusting that you are loveable, trusting your gut instincts and trusting that; if it doesn’t work out with this guy or the next, it is not a reflection on you. If the guy turns out to be an asshole maybe he is just an asshole; it does not mean you did something to deserve it or you are flawed in some way.

There are narcissists everywhere, everyone meets them in their life, there is nothing wrong with you, nothing about you attracts them, don’t take it personally when you discover a man you met is a narcissist. Just walk away. That is the lesson you need to learn from this whole thing; the narcissist is the sick one, you just have to learn to accept they exist and they will eventually let their true colors show. Your job is to make sure that when the mask drops, you are prepared to walk away.

Falling in love is not about being the kind of woman any man would love and trying to fit a mold; it is about meeting men and taking the time to find out if HE is right for YOU. You are not going to know that in a few weeks or months………….give it time!!

Anyway, here is the post from the past 

1 thought on “The Reality Of Love

  1. Alex

    Funny that I was drawn to your site today bc today I am feeling angry and discouraged. I am angry for allowing a hateful man to control my emotions for so long and the fact that he still controls me. I am discouraged that I will ever find someone who truly loves me for me and that there are so many selfish unlovable people in this world. My new found knowledge of narcissism is definitely a double edged sword. I am happy that my eyes are now open but also terrified of the realities of this world and just how many people are not true to themselves let alone anyone else. This blog did help and I think with time and healing I will return to my positive attitude on life. Started my own blog but for right now I am keeping private…between me, myself and I. Thanks for all that you do!



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