She said, I am unbreakable. Everything that could break Has broken and shattered, Leaving all the pieces Flying in the wind ~ You can’t catch the wind And you can’t catch me. I am unbreakable.

via Resilience — Genie Poetess

4 thoughts on “Unbreakable

  1. Rachel Beal

    I am dying slowly and no one seems to notice or care. Like always he wins. 23 years loving a man who now wants to destroy me


  2. Rose

    4 years and a son with mine. It’s hard to walk away, you make every excuse in the world and he/she in turns sucks you back in. I have learned that he never loved me he was never capable of that. I see the destruction he caused on others in his past, “they were all crazy” but were they? I doubt it. Rachel if you can get away, be strong and know there are others in your shoes. Look inside yourself and love yourself again ( I know, easier said than done) There really is a light at the end of the tunnel, it just takes small steps to get to it.



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