I Know Everyone Is Sick Of Hearing His Name

I have debated doing a post about Trump because the net is inundated with election rhetoric, everywhere you go someone is spouting about him or Clinton, it seems everyone has an opinion.  Friendships are being destroyed and people are being unfriended and blocked on Facebook. People are rioting in the streets, crying and fearful.

Being Canadian I have never paid much attention to US politics or problems in the states, I just kinda thought they lived like we did north of the border. I wasn’t really aware of prejudice, police brutality, Black Lives Matter, and even though I have gay friends and had a gay brother in law that I loved dearly; I never really thought about gay rights. Even with domestic violence, I had very limited knowledge of the dynamics of abuse and I admit I had a pretty narrow and judgemental opinion on the topic.  As is the case with many people, unless it affects them directly, they don’t think too much about it; leading them to have erroneous judgements. Just as dangerous as a psychopath, is a person who has strong emotions about a topic they are uneducated about. Nothing infuriates me more than someone speaking with authority on a subject they know nothing about. Equally annoying, are the people who refuse to take a stand and turn a blind eye to what is happening, “Why can’t we all just get along?” “I don’t want to discuss it””Let me keep my head in the sand” They think they are safe by not taking a stand, staying neutral, (many victims have “friends” who “didn’t want to sides”), but many times by not taking a stand, they are taking a stand, because if you don’t stand up against violence, prejudice, bullying and racism your silence gives the perpetrator strength, silence equates to acceptance, you are saying it is ok.

Being a victim of abuse tends to (or it did me) make you so much more aware of any abuse, be it to dogs, seniors, child trafficking, LGB, police brutality or racism. After being a victim and having people turn their back, not help, not believe, and even join in the abuse; I can no longer keep my mouth shut and I don’t care who I offend while standing up for the rights of others.

There is nothing I can do as a Canadian citizen about an American election, except try to educate people about psychopaths and to be honest I really didn’t think he would get in, I don’t think many people did think he would get in. AND if the people of the USA would have used their vote productively he probably would not have gotten in but people either didn’t vote or threw their vote away by voting for someone not even in the running. Their apathy did as much damage as if they had voted for Trump.

I get it, that people thought Hillary was as bad if not worse than Trump, personally she is not at the top of my favorites list, but come on people, the FBI has investigated her about those damn emails as thoroughly as is humanly possible and found nothing, nothing that warranted charging her.

She was criticized for Bill’s actions, she couldn’t win for losing with some people. The woman’s husband had an affair that was dissected publicly worldwide and she chose to stay with him and keep the family together. I think the president of the country has a responsibility to act with integrity and honesty, he has a duty to keep his prick in his pants and because of association the First Lady has a responsibility to act with integrity which Hillary did, in my estimation. Why she had it thrown in her face NOW, how many years later, and have it turned into a flaw of hers, I do not understand. I sure the hell don’t envy her, she is a better woman than I, she somehow managed act with dignity when I am sure there were days she wanted to just run away. Anyone who has been the victim of domestic abuse knows the strength it takes to stay, let alone forge a public name for yourself. Imagine the hit her confidence took?

Then she was raked over the coal for defending a rapist, she was fresh out of law school and a public defender, she had no choice. I have often wondered how a defence lawyer lives with himself, but we have to have them.

I could barely contain myself when I saw a woman comment on someone’s facebook that Bill and Hillary prefer sex with women. I asked her how she knew this. She immediately copped an attitude and repeated the information with authority. And I have read articles that say Michelle Obama is really a man. My good God people, I suppose you used to read the Inquirer and believe it too! that is just so trailer trashy, red necky of you, really!

I love these people who spout off “facts” about things they know nothing about. Do they not know how foolish they look? Do they not know that a lie told enough times becomes “fact”? It is a favorite tactic of a narcissist, they tell a lie to someone they know will repeat it, often referred to as “Flying Monkey’s” and sit back and wait. Gossips love to spread dirt, “I know something you don’t know” One person tells 6 people, those 6 tell another 6, and now with the internet and social media, people are telling thousands of people in a few minutes. In a day or two it has been heard so many times by people that it must be true and it becomes a fact.

I am actually quite amazed at victims of a narcissist who jump on the “blame the new woman” bandwagon. I agree that there is never a good enough excuse for screwing another woman’s man; but as a victim, you should know from experience that the narcissist must have spun a fantastic web of lies.

But then we saw it with Trump and Clinton during the election, it’s no wonder victims of abuse around the world were being triggered into PTSD. I may not have researched Hillary extensively, I did go and verify plausible “facts” I heard, but I didn’t research Trump any deeper than Clinton. There was no need, my opinion of him was formed long before the elections, long before the women came forward with allegations of sexual abuse. I didn’t have to go looking for dirt on him, I didn’t check to see how many times he claimed bankruptcy and I didn’t have to see his income taxes; those things only served to verify what I already knew, that he is a narcissist/psychopath. A person had to look no further than to his own words and actions. I was amazed that he was not charged with inciting violence by offering to pay the lawyer fees of anyone who punched a protester, when he insinuated harm should come to Clinton.

I cried when I heard Trump won, not because I thought Clinton was that much better, but at least she has experience and if she was going to show signs of being a narcissist it would have come out long ago. I was upset because it is eye opening and fricken scary to witness first hand how people can easily be manipulated into a hate filled mob of racism and anger………no rage!

I won’t bother repeating all the horrific things he said about so many people, races and genders (and then denied it adamantly in typical narcissist fashion); I was dumb struck so many people were accepting of it, to the point of voting for him. I was under the naive belief that humanity had evolved past that redneck, uneducated, narrow point of view. It shook me to the core to realize that many people actually swallowed the poison. No doubt they could never understand why a woman stays with her abuser or how someone like Jim Jones could convince the people of Jonestown to drink the koolaid.

If I mentioned Trump was a psychopath people would snort as if I was exaggerating, over-reacting, after all, “guys will be guys”, “he didn’t mean it”, “after the election he will change”, But CLINTON, what about those emails!!?? I felt like bashing my head against a brick wall. As with all narcissists he was misunderstood, misquoted, set up, the mike didn’t work, Hillary was a “nasty woman”. He popularity would drop and he would go on his best behavior, tell the people what they want to hear and boom! the next day he’s got everyone back in his camp.

I didn’t judge Trump on hearsay, on pending charges, gossip or prejudices, I judged him on his own actions. Like I said to my ex one time when he accused me of making him look like an asshole by talking badly about him behind his back.

“If me telling the truth about the things you do makes you look like an asshole,

maybe you should stop acting like an asshole.”

I had a conversation the other night with someone who was saying the people wanted a change and we all have to sit back and wait to see what he does, after all he has advisors, he doesn’t really have any power, everything he does has to be passed by senate. Well, I listened to an expert talking about the damage Trump could do and really? who honestly thinks Trumps ego is going to let him take advice from anyone? I have heard people say his advisors will have to teach him how to act and monitor his behavior, omg……. does that sound familiar to anyone? Those of you who have thought you were special and you were going to teach the narc how to be a decent human being know how futile it is to try to teach a narcissist anything; he doesn’t want to have empathy or a conscience, he doesn’t want to care, he can’t care.

I realize it is totally out of anyone’s control and I hope he is investigated and watched closely; Trump getting in doesn’t bother me near as much as the realization that there are that many people out there who believe in him.

Did society learn nothing from Hitler? Hitler promised to make the country great again, he promoted violence, but I highly doubt people thought he was capable of the atrocities he committed. The thing with psychopaths, you never know how evil they can be until it is too late.




32 thoughts on “I Know Everyone Is Sick Of Hearing His Name

  1. I too saw Narcissism/Narcopathy right away in Trumpet 😉 as did the many. Most in the country I am from could see the level of absurdity and not believe he would be voted in 😦 as a culture we tend to cut Tall, Poppies down pretty quickly here in Aus, get too big for your boots and watchout! Personally I felt it as knots and anxiety in my tum, it impacted on me, so I am know on several million people, mainly Women worldwide felt this Too and people without Narcopathy fear 😦 I know on some FB support sites, the topic was closed so that it didn’t trigger victims of abusers/Narcissists/Narcopathy. Hitler, Hussein, Kim Jung, Putin? How many others? T Cruise without doubt, I would also bet on J Depp… How many Actors? Woman too. Joan Crawford? interesting they all have the same dark brown cold eyes…as did my ex ‘N’ closed look, staring look, cold, look through you glass eyes…even the way the mouth is positioned often like a Grimace, they also have an awkward movement, lack fluidity and are passionless, Souless…btw I also suspect our Prime Minister and know after watching him being interviewed, that his Mother walked out on the family when he was little, so there you go, No attachment in early childhood but instead Ego stepped in place of it as it does for protection from the wounds and he learned to excel at all things…One thing I have noticed being raised by an ‘N’ Mother (single parent) having siblings with ‘N’ is their Drive and Tenacity…which at first we think is amazing along with their Charisma right? But they are empty as we learn along the way. I often try to think ahead of what to say at my Mum “N’s funeral knowing I will have a hostile younger bro to deal with who has been created in her Image, the ‘Golden Child’ what could I say? ‘She had Great Tenacity!!! That’s it and sit down 😉 Yes! which lead to some ‘way out there, over the top,’ unworkable acts of grandoise because they don’t have forethought, can’t see ahead to consequences, it’s all in the here and now! and the fallout for others in the immediate vicinity, in our case as the Kids who always got left holding the baby after she came through like a Hurricane 😦 including moving countries and 3 states which in Aus is not a short trip and about 27 moves, I think she is up to 35 and says so proudly too, 3 husbands and the 16 boyfriends by the time I was 16!!! I am 10 years of minimal to no contact with Mother Dearest and at nearly 6months of being out of relationship with ex ‘N’ No contact, after 4years of control, abuse, manipulations and thinking I could love or compassion it better, be his saviour. Live n learn. Not possible if you yourself in particular are a survivor of abuse in the first instance. It took being with him to recognise my Mother and to be Her daughter to recognise Him. I have to believe that sanity will prevail, life can change in a blink…whilst Trumpet holds that position now, I wonder will he make it through the term? Laws of Attraction can get him in the end…it’s why he got in, too much attention. Where Energy flows, Attention goes unfortunately. No one usually remembers the Runner Up do they? And NO he absolutely will NOT be used to taking Orders from anyone! He is in for a very Rude shock as are the people around him. He will NOT cope with having to curb his Impulses and runaway Potty mouth. They will find out what a true unhinged Bully he is. Interesting times ahead that I pray will not cause significant negative impacts on the World, let alone Americans. Ps I am not sure about Putins eye colour but the rest yes.


    1. Maybe Trump is a narc, many world leaders are, however as a hard working American taxpayer, I am sick of having my income redistributed away from me and my family to pay for the food, housing, medical and schooling costs of an ever growing underclass. There needs to be a TAX REVOLT. The independently successful millionaires in the US have tax loopholes that protect them. Americans who earn between 50 and 200 thousand a year need to REVOLT and end so the freebies will all go away. Trump got in because that’s what workers want.

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    2. Anita, thank you for your comments, my ex had blue eyes but every single victim says there is something about their eyes that is just not right. My ex wore glasses, usually tinted ones so you couldn’t see his eyes very well but I hated when he took his glasses off, it just gave me the chills, I couldn’t put my finger on it until I started the blog and people started mentioning reptilian eyes and that is what they were like. Cold blooded, something evil lurks behind those eyes.


  2. Of course he must have his advisors in place so that when things go wrong, as they surely will, he will have people to blame. Nothing can ever be due to his own decisions. He will never take responsibility for his own actions. He will try to prove that he is the victim of others’ wrongdoings and play the sympathy game.
    And all this will be acted out in the most public way imaginable. Imagine how he must be feeding on the adoration of his followers. What will he do when the shine rubs off? Where will he find opportunities for new supply?
    Might we witness at last the downfall of the ultimate narcpath as his followers begin to abandon him or is the world really going crazy?

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    1. Well said! Yes let’s hope for a public demise, to bring total awareness, there is reason that Narcissism world wide is being discussed, outed. There is no-one more fitting glaringly than him, complete spotlight! This may effect change overall to zero tolerance and victims being taken seriously..Laws of Attraction work in positive and negative energy. Energy flows where attention goes. So yes the comeuppance is hopefully nigh. 🙂

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      1. Anita, that is the only positive thing I can see coming out of this, that narcissists will be exposed forever more. It could go either way. People didn’t learn from Hitler or memories have faded, hopefully this refresher won’t bring about WW3. Thanks for commenting!


    2. Trump will be the best thing to ever happen to this country…he’s smart and knows how to create jobs and he was already rich and famous and had nothing to gain by running…hillary lined her pockets with foundation money and who bleaches a server after its requested by the FBI…such repulsive corruption…she forgot about us little people except and unless each time she raised our taxes to compensate for her lavish spending ….it was all so gross in that administration and will take years to sort it all out!!! If you follow the Bible her gloating and body language was so sickening and so prophetic because she was relentless and God doesn’t like that behavior …she dug her grave and jumped right on it it!!!

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      1. Lori, God does not condone Hillary
        but he condones pathological lying, grabbing women’s pussy’s, lying on your taxes, molesting children and blatantly flashing your wealth and materialism? being married 3 times and with each wife screwing around on her? Spewing hatred and encouraging violence against Mexicans and blacks?
        You are reading a different Bible than me.

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    3. CX2 it could go either way, it will be interesting to watch it all unfold. Right now he is playing the “humble” card and retracting all the things he nasty he said about Clinton, trying to look like the nice guy to throw everyone off so they let their guard down. It is so typical of a narcissist, keep everyone guessing and off balance so they don’t pick up on what you are really doing. There is no way his ego will allow him to take anyone’s advice, he might take someone else’s idea and make it his own if he thinks it might get him somewhere and he undoubtedly will scapegoat any bad decisions off on the advisors. I predict he will be so erratic the whole world is going to be wondering what he is going to do next and get away with it because everyone will be so confused. I remember when I was with my ex, he would treat me like he loathed me and tell me to get out, so I would and then he would be crying that I deserted him and how much he always loved me, he would lay on the charm, get that loving look in his eyes, make wonderful love to me, be the wonderful man I met and fell in love with and the minute I gave in and went back he loathed me again and I would find his personal ads etc. I kept thinking, maybe this time he has learned his lesson and he has realized he really does love me. Maybe this time! With Trump it started during his campaign, going up and down on the popularity scale like a roller coaster.


      1. No one in the family drinks or does drugs I think that’s admirable and look how they get along…how many families do we know like that certainly not my own that’s for sure.

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        1. There are several families I know of who don’t drink or do drugs, the first one that comes to mind is the Obama’s! Not one scandal in 8 years! not one divorce, not one affair, connected with their community, compassionate, using their celebrity status to help others and promote healthy living and education.
          As for Hillary Clinton, she never was my favorite candidate but she is not a narcissist/psychopath.

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    1. Peter, I wish I could read that article, or maybe best I don’t haha. Thanks for commenting my friend, yes this election affects the world, not just the US. It will be interesting to see how this al unfolds.


  3. I live here in the states and recognized right away that Trump was a narcissistic, from what I have learned from my own experience with a borderline narcissistic ex. But boy, when I would mention that, plus the fact that Trump is a massive bully and will never take advice from anyone, all I heard was “But Hillary is a crook!” Cripe

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  4. I run a support group for survivors of sociopaths and I’m having a difficult time with members who voted for Trump. why do I see this so clearly and others think he is God? you can see it why cant Americans? I was so devastated that he won I wanted to just close my group, I mean really what good am I doing but I’m over it. we have to continue to raise awareness for the world, I wont stop ill keep trying to be the voice of reason. I’m afraid for the future of my country and what this means but I will not let fear win. keep writing and keep fighting for the cause your words will stick with me for a long time thank you for seeing what others have turned a blind eye to. he will screw it up they always do I have no doubt about that. godspeed

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    1. idodoyouride, I know how discouraging it is, watching it all unfold took me back to being with my ex, I would feel the same frustration when trump would deny deny deny things he said or did, but then! people support him, it is on video, on twitter, there is proof he did it or said it, yet people swallow the poison! In a way it made me feel better because I used to think there was something wrong with me that I believed my ex for so long and so many other people, family and friends included who thought I was nuts to stay with him, yet look at Trump! and all the people following him and defending him. It blows my mind!!
      I can’t understand how someone who has been the victim of a psychopath not seeing the writing on the wall but they obviously have not healed or dealt with their issues that got them sucked into the toxic web of a sociopath in the first place. So many victims end up running straight into the arms of another psychopath.
      All we can do is provide information and support and hope that by raising awareness some people will be saved. I have no tolerance for a Trump support though and I will not “make nice” with any one who is a support of him. I have never discussed politics in a social setting but I don’t consider this to be political, it is a matter of survival.
      Don’t ever stop spreading the word! If one person is saved from one of these soul suckers, it is worth it.

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      1. i’ll never stop Carrie, I deleted rude people from my group and removed the political aspect of it, I wont work with people who call me names or put me down because I say Trump is a narcissist, the world is going to get a first hand education but even then they will still make excuses for him. im done trying to convince people who have proof right in front of them of Trump himself on video saying such horrid hateful things. what more proof does someone need?? its a crazy world today and what I think baffles me the most is that half the population of America is so ignorant. but, I wont live in fear. ill keep doing what I do and that is to spread awareness and help victims heal. your a special lady Carrie look forward to your next article. thank you


        1. I so agree. I’m a little amazed that even people on Carrie’s blog, who should know very well the damage a narcissist can do, are still rooting for Trump. It will be interesting to see how our new President behaves. Probably most leaders are to some degree narcissistic–that is how they got to the top, after all. But Trump is extreme. Apparently already he is back pedaling on most of the promises he made. Which is a good thing! Unfortunately, throughout his campaign, he made it “OK” to be hateful.

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  5. In my years of working with victims of violence I saw his ilk many a time. I am still baffled as to why people put blinders on and all I can tell myself is the dynamics of domestic have now played out fully with the abuser being forgiven again and again. Thanks for voicing your thoughts’ you are a brave and “real” soul. ❤️❤️❤️

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    1. if youve ever been with a narc you can clearly spot the signs with him so familiar how he was speaking coercing manipulating people targeting the vunerable to gain power and strengh i think some people who are followers of him are chasing some dream of change that they believe will happen very very scary we all know what they are capable of and how far they will go to boost the ego hope they realise this not too late we dont want narcs running the world evil im in england and was amazed i also believe so much of what he says is racism its worrying im sure he will be his own downfall at some time always happens in the end thankyou for a very interesting topical post carrie xxx

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  6. I realize this article was written a few years ago but omg look at us now in the US!! Everything is so much worse: police brutality, racism, white supremacy, immigration. There is no humanity in this administration.


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