I Hate Messenger and Little Update

I just wanted to let everyone know that I am going to be away from the net for a couple of days. Not that I have been posting on the blog that much anyway but I have been trying to reply to comments, especially if someone sounds desperate. 

I have had my grand daughter staying with me this last week and also dealing with my mom and step dad and being a support to my mother. My step dad was diagnosed with dementia a few years ago but just recently he has declined almost daily to the point where he no longer recognizes my mom or the house they have lived in for 20+ years. He has started to wander at night and they live on a lake surrounded by forest so it is quite a concern and I can only spread myself so thin.

I recieved a message on Messenger this morning from someone who reads the blog requesting help. I don’t know Messenger very well and totally lost the message and never got the chance to Accept the Friend Request. If you are that person please resubmit a friend request. I dont want anyone to think I don’t care. It was totally an accident that I have not replied to you!

So that is it. I will be back in a day or two. I was mostly concerned about the messenger thingy.

Hugs to all and talk to you very soon.


4 thoughts on “I Hate Messenger and Little Update

  1. Only Me

    I understand completely! I hate Messenger too. These things are just an annoyance that never seems to end. Good luck Kid! BTW, isn’t having grandkids great? They say grandkids are nature’s way of making it up to us for growing older.

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  2. Wayne

    The 2nd button from the right in messenger at the bottom.. Push that.

    At the top it says new message requests.
    It should be in there unless you accidentally deleted it.

    All the best with your family.



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