I have to apologize to you all for my slow response or lack of response to comments.

My laptop packed it in several months ago and I have been unable to afford fixing it or replacing it. I finally was able to order a new one through Dell and I am anxiously waiting for it to arrive.

In the meantime I have been doing everything on my phone. Not only is it difficult doing all my typing on that tiny keyboard, my phone is getting bogged down and often times freezes up or the typing is so delayed the autocorrect is doing the most bizarre things. (You have probably noticed some weird spelling mistakes. I don’t know how it comes up with some of the stuff it does)

My emails are so backed up I can’t access many of them, my phone only goes back so far and I can’t figure out how to go back further.

It is becoming a real hardship not having a laptop, I have some passive income from certain things on the net but I can’t access those either.

As soon as I get my laptop I will be able to create more products on Zazzle, Vista Print and post more on the blog, plus start on my book again. Again, because I had a good start on it but it is all on my old laptop.

I am losing patience, buy hopefully soon I will be back.

Thanks for your patience.

6 thoughts on “Changes

  1. narcissismathome

    Here is a trick…email to yourself your important documents in progress from time to time. That way you can access and download it to any computer.
    Also, I think on almost any phone, you can dictate your messages, emails. Much easier than typing on those little keyboards.
    And….a good computer guy can extract your files from a dead computer. Hang on to that laptop. They are out there.


    1. Off the Wall

      You are so right athome. Also, get kyourself a little thumb drive (USB drive) and download your important stuff to you. You can carry it around with it and use it on any computer, like at the library.
      P.S. There is no such thing as a “dead” computer. lol
      P.S.S. I was happy to see you post, I worry about you, stay strong!


  2. Edy

    I’m so sorry you have to go through this darling. Computers are so precious these days. Im gonna send good vibes for you so the situation can heal itself. I don’t want to be annoying here, but what do you think your laptop is a symbol of, and why as it come to be broken? Maybe something about feeling your communication is not the way you want? Anyways, good luck and best wishesxox


  3. sashi

    Sorry that your computer crashed,Carrie.
    I suggest you invest in good external hard drive or a usb drive.
    I almost lost my whole book but a good computer guy brought it alive just long enough for me to extract my book.Be blessed and never give up.


  4. Brook Hart

    Carrie, I am so sorry you are having computer problems again. It seems just a short time ago you had to replace your other one. Do you have a warranty? I have the worse time with mine. I started buying the extended warranties just because I know I will use it. I sent mine in for a second repair and they refunded my purchase price. I put a small amount with it and upgraded. I will continue this cycle to replace them because they Always break. My Kindle is winky so I am getting ready to turn it in too. My internet and computer are my lifeline to not going insane.



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