Once Again The Victim Has No Rights

When I heard it on the news I said, “What the f%$k?!!!.” out loud.

Just the day before I had heard that this total waste of good air, was being denied supervised day outings because he has not proven he has been rehabilitated and has a high likelihood to reoffend because he has gotten into physical altercations while in custody. Yet today, I hear that they changed their mind and granted him, a man who killed his 3 children in an act of revenge against his ex wife; escorted day passes out of the mental facility for the criminally insane where he has been the last 7 years.

The man is Allan Schoenborn and in 2008, while his ex wife left her home for the weekend in order to comply with court ordered visitation with his children. Upon her return the house was quiet, no little feet ran to greet her…….she went looking for her 3 small children and found them …… dead in their beds. The oldest, a girl was stabbed to death and the two younger boys were found suffocated in their beds. I think they were 10, 5 and 3 or 4 years old.

I can not imagine what that mother went through at that moment and every moment since. Schoenborn knew what he was doing, he was getting revenge on his ex wife for leaving him. What better way to make a person suffer for the rest of their life, than to kill their children. He got the ultimate revenge, not only does she live her life with the picture of her children murdered she lives with his threat to her, that she is, “Unfinished business”.

Ten years for 4 lives, 3 lives were his children and the 4th life was their mother who’s world stop moving and grew dark the day she found her babies slaughtered by a psychopath hell bent on revenge.

You can read the story here

The judicial system has failed this woman and her children in so many ways already, how many times does a person have to prove they are a danger to society, how many people does he get to kill before they stop releasing murderers back into society. Of course the man was mentally unstable!! what person in their right mind would kill their kids in cold blood? and he admitted to it! Cut and dried case!

As it turns out he will be released for his day passes in the same town as his ex wife is now living and her request to be notified when he is out on a pass has been denied! Again I say WTF!! THAT would be against his rights for privacy, it might put his life in danger. Oh my good God! But no concern for the woman’s life, and the threat that hangs over her head.

And don’t even try to tell me that he will be supervised!!! Criminals bugger off all the time on the day passes, I read the news, I was raised by a prison guard. There are a bunch of bleeding hearts who want to believe he is rehabilitated, believe he deserves a 2nd chance, and to them I say; you have your children brutally murdered and come get to me. Or, I have an idea, let him out on one condition, as long as he is out in society your young children must be in his custody at all times.

Or you go sit with the mother and make sure she is safe, you will have lots of time to explain to her how she is being unfair expecting the criminal justice system to protect her and how the man who no doubt made her life hell for years prior to her even leaving him is deserving of ANY rights at all. You can explain how you came up with the value of her children’s lives equalling less than 10 years for all three innocent lives. What value do they put on their children’s lives? 3 years?

I think it is criminal that this woman’s hands were tied when she tried to stop her ex’s visitation rights because she feared for her and the children’s safety. Society failed her when she was told to “just leave” and how many times was she told she was being paranoid, overly protective or too emotional?

I am disgusted at the blatant unfairness and total disregard for the victim’s rights.

10 thoughts on “Once Again The Victim Has No Rights

    1. Carrie Reimer Post author

      Peter I agree totally. For them to determine the man was not mentally stable just boggles my mind, of course! because what person in their right mind would kill their children?


    1. Carrie Reimer Post author

      James, I know!! They said he was not mentally stable enough to held responsible, so he was sentenced to 10 years in a mental institute. No fricking kidding he has mental problems!!! He didn’t even spend his time in a real jail, he was in a mental facility.


  1. Ellebelle2015

    Just the other day I saw the British movie ‘Murdered by my boyfriend’. I was in shock, but recognised the psychopatic narcissist. I think every one should look at movies or series like this. You can at least learn something from it, before it is too late.


    1. Carrie Reimer Post author

      I agree Ellebelle, my mother called me one day. She was watching a show, I think it was called “Sleeping with the Enemy” or “The Devil you Know” there are a few out there that tell true stories about people taken in or killed by psychopaths. She had never understood why I stayed etc or what I went through, she just thought I was stupid. But she was watching this show and called to tell me this woman’s story was just like mine. I think the light went on a bit for her. People watch those shows and even though it says it is based on a true story I still don’t think people think it could happen to them. When you read about it in the news they never tell you that the guy wooed the woman and was the man of her dreams when they met. Everyone thinks he was an asshole from day one and only a sick person would choose to be with someone like that. But it never starts that way. Shows like that help to educate people and hopefully women will recognize the narc when they meet one.


  2. collette

    Ok not related to the article but i have a problem i am dealing with a woman who is choosing to intimidate and bully me when ever she gets the chance i have withdrawn from all related services in a bid to get away from her this was after i tried gentle assertive communication and befriending i have even contacted the police nothing has worked on monday after i waited outside a shop for her to leave as i was not in the mood for an argument she waited til i was on my own later and screamed bitch this has been going on for two years and im losing hope of ever being free of her



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