Announcing A New Blog

I have been busy trying to organize my life, blog, house………you name it. It has been 8 years since I left my ex and it seems my life has been in a constant state of limbo ever since. There has always been something to hold me back, I have kept saying, “As soon as this or that happens, THEN I will do…..whatever”. I have felt “at home” at times but then something would happen and I would have another set back and have to move. Where I am was supposed to be temporary but it’s been over a year and I am still here and I can’t foresee being able to afford anything else any time soon. It doesn’t feel like home but I have gone through my cupboards and closets and cleaned out stuff I don’t need or use and been cleaning; something I haven’t done unless absolutely necessary since I moved in.

I saw an ad on our local Bidding Wars from a young woman with two young boys who is starting all over and asking for household stuff for free. I have a microwave that was given to me that I don’t use and some other odds and sods I can give her. I know what it is like to start over from scratch and it motivated me to clean up.

I have also been consumed with the mass shooting in Florida.

Lately I find I have a strong opinion on a lot of things and hate to high-jack other people’s Facebook or blog with my opinion. My opinion is not always the most popular and were I not on the net and speaking in person I would have been stoned or worse by now. I don’t make knee jerk decisions any more and I really hate to look stupid! Not many things irritate me more than people who adamantly defend their opinion but are totally uneducated on the topic they are pretending to be an expert  on. Being socially responsible requires more than jumping on the most popular bandwagon, it takes research and excuse me; common sense and logic.

I also answer questions on Quora and always seem to get a fair amount of upvotes no matter what topic I am questioned on so I thought it would be fun to answer letters like Dear Abby used to. I used to love her newspaper column (or Ann Landers) and since they have been gone no one has taken their place. Until  now!!haha

I have very little left to say about narcissists, except I do have some interesting information to share in regards to them and mass shootings and will be sharing a link to this blog when I publish that post. For now here are a couple of links to my most recent posts in case you are interested.

It takes a bit of time to set up a new blog and to write posts so now that my new blog is up and functioning I will be back here answering questions and commenting.

Thanks so much for your patience and understanding!!

3 thoughts on “Announcing A New Blog

  1. Edith

    Hi Carry!
    Im so amazed of what you’re sharing today, as im going through exactly the same thing right now! How weird is this synchronicity? For a long time I have been trying to organize my house, was suppose to be temporary, but stuff just never seemed to fall into place, and I never felt at home really, just the constant desire to move and start a new life but never had the energy or possibility to do so financially and physically because of chronic pain. This moving impulse also seemed more or less intense, changing with the fight or flight response triggered at that time. I have also been giving lots of stuff to help women starting from scratch after abuse. But now, I don’t know why, I feel that everything is gonna change. Suddenly, Im able to save bit of money and manage my energy in a better way, and opportunities of a decent appartment show up when I thought I couldn’t afford better than a crappy misery hole. I don’t know if it’s the accumulation of praise, acts of kindness for myself, the ability to start to say no to vampiric people consistently, forgiving myself on a daily basis, or cultivating the belief that I deserved much better? Or maybe all of it? Its amazing. Now I don’t have to fake it anymore, I know I deserve much better and I get it. Its seems easier cause my state of mind is closer to the good stuff so I allow it to come. I took lots of work, and Im not saying I don’t have drawbacks at time, but the difference now is that I don’t let myself stay there, cause I know I better then this. I got my back. Nobody, I mean Nobody is going to pull that narcissistc crap on me again. And if they do, and if im in the fog again and dont see it for a while, im gonna do everything i can to pull myself out, and start from there. I am not a victim anymore. THANK YOU Carry to you and all the people who supported me in their unique way so I could learn my value. ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ xox


    1. Carrie Reimer Post author

      Edith that is so good to hear!! I have done a bit of research into the Laws of Attraction and although I don’t believe that we bring bad upon ourselves. (That’s like blaming the victim for their own abuse) I do believe that when we can break that low vibrational level and start to feel more positive we get positive in return. Positive breeds positive and negative breeds negative. I have always found that when I was down, if I helped others in even small ways I got so much back in return. Just the act of giving makes a person feel better about themselves.
      That’s great you have found a better place to live etc. I am positive you are on the upward swing now.
      Big hugs Carrie❤❤


      1. Edith

        I hear you, there sure is lots of crap going on with this law of attraction thing! Especially the victim shaming thing, which is so horrible… But what I realized is that beyond the magical beliefs, we have to be more down to earth, thank you for that. It’s all about the neurologic pathways that we have to change, the way our neurons react to threats of abuse. So we literally have to create, when we feel threatened, a new reaction of “Im gonna be ok, I don’t have to take this shit, I believe that I deserve better”, and after a while it’s going to become more natural. Anyways, I truly admire women like you who teach us to stay strong, and get out of the mess! Im also really touched that you think of giving, yes sometimes being the helper and the giver is precisely what we need to heal. Try it people, youll see its kind of magical😁❤️



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