The Making Of A Mass Murderer

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The Making Of A Mass Murderer

You might find it interesting because there is a connection to narcissism in a round about way. I have become rather obsessed with figuring out exactly what drives a person to commit such a heinous crime as a mass shooting. Of course it is not as simple as banning guns. That might slow them down a bit but it doesn’t deal with WHY they do it.

As I suspected there are many contributing factors and this post covers a few of them, it is only part 1. What I had not suspected was that there was such a high number percentage of people on psychiatric drugs committing acts of violence and suicide. I thought things like anti-depressants were supposed to stop people from feeling that way!

I have read articles saying that the shooters are narcissists and that just did not ring true to me. They may commit murder when pushed into a corner but for one thing, a narcissist doesn’t seek help on his own because they don’t believe they have a problem whereas almost all, like 99% of them had been taking psychiatric drugs and been getting counseling. But over 60% had a history of domestic abuse also and were terribly self obsessed.

But I have seen with the victims here that a person who feels persecuted, disregarded, dismissed, rejected and no one cares, they become very self absorbed, almost narcissistic. That is why so many fear they are the narcissist. But to have narcissistic traits does not a narcissist make. There are like 20 traits a person must have in order to be considered a narcissist. But at various times in a person’s life they may be more narcissistic than other times.

Anyway, check out the post and let me know what you think.

3 thoughts on “The Making Of A Mass Murderer

  1. Suzan

    I too have been obsessed with understanding narcissist and mental illness. Let’s not sugarcoat things because it is vital we actually learn all we can on the evil we are living with. It’s all around us. And IT IS EVIL!!! Corruption wasn’t the norm like it is today. And that’s our problem. No one is fighting against the corruption that’s so RIGHT THERE IN FRONT OF OUR FACES. We have politicians who laugh at how stupid we are. They are traitors and blood on their hands is much and it’s those who continue to make evil Grow through their greed and entitlement. Everyone else though has struck laws about how we are to live in our country. For these laws to work and us live in peace with each other and be fair , every man needs to follow the laws. Not just some but all. Clearly if you follow the true story behind the clintons and bush you’ll understand what’s going on. And you will see why and how people just seem to come from out of nowhere and how they actually are selling their souls for power. But the best part of that is they themselves get royally screwed when they do all the work to pollute the goodness of God. Believing they have a super power backing them because for the most part they do. But when they are used up they are discarded you’ll see these people all beautiful with perfect smiles and bodies being 60. Everyone’s got a price.. a narcissist is easily converted into satanss social workers cuz they got nothing else better to do. Oh and while you narcissist are out there working for that piece of shit recruit others and you’ll be advanced based on recruitment numbers. Funny how salesmen seem to be heavily involved in this very thing I’m talking about. Hey it’s all about their numbers. Feed them a huge bonus and they are hooked. Talk about insecurities. I guess you can say they do feel something’s. They feel inferior to us but project a superior attitude. I guess they only feel things about themselves never anyone else unless it’s vengeance, jealousy, hate & pure Under all that charm and quick wit is a person who’s a great actor.

    Everyone writing here is the victim of the dark forces. These narcissist are the worker Bee’s for demonic take over. I’m not a religious person but I have studied the culture of American lifestyle and families and government involvement in this crisis we are in and believe me our government has a lot to do with the numbers of narcissist now invading it seems everyone’s lives. A narcissist is weak really and they want to be liked. Satan is real. I mean in the way that these people find themselves suddenly popular, looking good, with success. And they need more. They are never satisfied ever. This is them needing that constant flow of new supply.

    Now let’s talk about gang stalking. When a person like this is rejected they only seek revenge. In gang stalking world these people find heartless people just like them. They have found home so to speak. And a narcissist is a sneaky one. Gang stalking is a sneaky game they play and there’s others in the game so there’s competition. Sadly the goal in their game is death to the targeted person. But bonuses are given in the way of money from life insurance policies taken out on TI’s
    (targeted individuals). They get to play spy. They get to perform street theater which they are very good at. I suggest you look it up. You’ll see all kinds of stories about it. I was in a relationship where the person who claimed they loved me was in fact the person this group got all their information from about me. He was someone that I met during my party days. Meth often times is behind these narcissist that get recruited into this huge population. You see drugs make people easier to manipulate and control. There’s shame and jail attached to it so if you want to stay out of jail you’ll do what I want you to do. And if you betray us we will come after you. And death by some accident is usually the outcome so these people are scared to go against that force. They know how powerful it is. A reluctant player in the game is many times backed into a corner. They’ll blackmail in order to get those closest to you to turn on you. They’ll tell lies to them so it’s easier for them to turn. But then there are those who come into your life with the intent of taking you down. It’s their motivation from the start. You won’t suspect this either because they charm the pants literally off you. They will be the most attentive person ever you’ve met. They are fun and appear so passionate. They are tolerant and seem to possess a saintly nature. You will never suspect these people as having a hidden motive. They listen to you talk for hours about your life and what scares you and how people have hurt you. All these things will be used against you later. You see their job is to slowly over time destroy you. A persons mind is the best way to go about it without leaving viewable evidence like bruises or broken bones. The stronger a person you are the more a heavy hitter you’ll get to befriend you. You’ll swear what I’m saying is so far fetched that it can’t be true. But just seriously start to think about things you see going on around you. Do you come home from being out and swear someone’s been in your house? Little things moved but you can’t see any things been taken? It’s hard to phathom that someone would go out of their way to get into your house just to move things around. But it’s called crazy making. But you say I was out with my partner, it couldn’t be my partner! No it wasn’t your partner but your partner left out a key somewhere for another player in the game to come in and stir a few things up. They’ll plant listening devices in your house and tamper with your food. You’ll suddenly be sick and live on the toilet. I once was with my partner and we stopped somewhere and I stayed in the car but after an hour I got out and went into the garage where he was at and the head guy ( a older criminal type ) was passing out these tiny purse size hand sanitizer sprays. I immediately flashed back to something I read about a few drops of this and or that in a persons coffee makes them just sick enough to not suspect any foul play but it’s fact that if you stress the body and deplete it of what it needs you will start to destroy a person. They shovevthese tiny sprays up their sleeve and you’ll not see they have them. Eye drops work good too to cause you to utilize the rest room all day. Start paying attention. They’ll take your reading glasses and put a lense in one side slightly higher than what you usually need to read at. This cause you to get headaches and your eyes to get more messed up. They are the people who will drug you. They will make you food and put nighttime cold tablet crushed up in it. You’ll never suspect them of doing this. I know one guy who did that and his wife was asleep and he would invite girls on Craigslist to come party at their house. Sick bastard. It’s a hard life they put you through. They destroy self esteem. They are on constant crazy making detail. And they make you think you’re crazy and they give you diarrhea daily and they listen to your conversation hack your phones and computers and they’ll steal your beloved pet. And I’m missing 1,000 other things but we don’t have that kind of space here for all that. That’s what happened to me and they will financially destroy you as well, all in the hopes of leaving you homeless and then to where you can’t believe the place you are at you’ll kill yourself.. this works too. They took life insurance out on you years ago. Even in Cases of suicide the policy will pay out if it’s been more than two years since you got the policy. Read up on all this. First go to YouTube and watch TED GUNDERSON. I love that man. He is dead now but he blew whistle on so many secrets we have been kept from. And he dared to expose the FBI for the horrific things it does and covers up. He worked for the agency for many years. Then look up MK ULTRA. This is no conspiracy theory. Read about what happened after Hitler lost the war. You see the war just took a different direction. It cane here. It’s the biggest secret ever kept from American people. But it explains everything. Read or watch RUSS DIZDAR. All these mass shooting are explained. I urge you to learn how to protect yourself from the enemy. And Carrie, you are a beautiful woman who brought to light a valuable story of life with one of these monsters. Your life is a carbon copy to what I’m telling you all here. I hope today you are free from this targeting. Part of their tactics is illness and surgery where you’re left in a worse state than before the surgery. Lots of false positives. They like to scare people. A lot of sexually transmitted diseases too. They will destroy your property, disable your car, get you fired, cause chaos in your life that crippled you. Be careful people. I’m not just a crazy person who thinks this a good platform to obsess about and get everyone trying to lock me up. I am telling you this because I hope people can be safe.

    Some want super wealth. And Satan will give you tons. It’s got a heavy price though. Don’t blow off this stuff and say it’s. Conspiracy. It’s fact. And the more a person knows about the truth the more they will be attacked, targeted and ruined. These relationships that leave women almost dead. Strong women! Wise women. These are the ones that need to be infiltrated by romantic partners who pose as their knight in shining armor. . Yes this is what the clintons are into. it’s not that way. And when some unsuspecting soul falls face first into the truth about our government he or she is left to decide which side of the fence they sit on. It’s always been there but with modern technology and evil people who have been working behind the scenes many years for this take over. I was wondering why a drug that I know has ruined the lives of so many people. And so many people have spent time for using in jail. It’s a drug that immediately stops a persons growth I’ve devoted the last four years to learning everything I could about what I saw going on around me. My gut told me a very different thing than what the humans around me were telling me and also showing me by way of their actions that much of the time consisted of confusing the issues. Lies, cover ups, understand

    I have


    1. Carrie Reimer Post author

      Suzan, that was a lot to digest! I know a lot of what you say is true. I used to think my ex sold his soul to the devil, I don’t know if that is the case or not and I am free of him so I don’t care but they are truly evil. Not all, but most and I think it is just a matter of how far they get pushed as to how far they will go to get revenge. it’s very hard for people to accept there is that kind of evil in the world and that they are living with it. Why do you not leave?



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