Recipe For Making A Suicidal Murderer


People always ask how narcissists are made, some say it’s because of some trauma in their childhood or because they were over indulged growing up. I believe it is part nurture but mostly nature, some anomaly of nature, too many xx’s or not enough x’s and upbringing more affected how it presented itself in the narcissist.

It seems there are more narcissists than ever, but they aren’t true narcissists, they are “narcissist like” and I think we are seeing the results of 3 decades of mood altering drugs being given to our kids. ADHD became a thing about 30 years ago and has become so common nothing is thought of it when a parent is told their kid needs to be on drugs. I was aghast when it was suggested to me 30 years ago and I am so happy I didn’t agree.

I have talked about in recent posts about the side effects of SSRI’s and psychiatric drugs and the effect they have on people. Drug companies down play the adverse side effects and insist any slight side effects are far outweighed by the benefits. I am calling BULLSHIT! The whole purpose of the drugs is to calm a child down, make them more compliant, docile, easy to handle. They numb the child’s emotions, meaning their ability to feel empathy and compassion are numbed but they are known to induce anger, aggression, paranoia, suicidal tendencies, homicidal tendencies and violence. That is just cruel! barbaric! and the government, big pharma is doing it to our kids.

They say that kids often outgrow ADHD, really; so in other words you are drugging them so they are easier to get through school and out of the house. Maybe they are just different, maybe they are more head strong, more intelligent, need to be challenged, but oh no, that would take effort, it’s easier to drug them.

No one knows for sure the long term effects of the drugs because no one cares. I am not a doctor or psychiatrist but I know this; if you alter a child’s mind when they are developing their personality, you alter the structure of their brain. You can make a “narcissist-like” person.

Following is a link to my most recent post on Reimer Reason on how to make a murderer.

3 thoughts on “Recipe For Making A Suicidal Murderer

  1. Lynn

    I think you need to be more careful with what you write about ADHD and drugs that are given for this. You are not a doctor. What kind of research have you done on this topic. People will believe what you are saying which a lot of is not true. Narcissism is not created from children taking drugs. I am a special education teacher and have ADD. I just started taking medication at the age of 46, so I can do my job and mange all the aspects of it. I had to start taking it because I was not able to manage. It has be great for me. We don’t always recommend drugs and most parents in my experience don’t want to medicate their children, but sometimes it is imperative to the students learning. I have read your blog for awhile, but feel offended by this post. You shouldn’t post stuff you don’t really know about.


    1. Carrie Reimer Post author

      Lynn, my apologies for offending you and I do know about ADHD from having 2 step children who were diagnosed and my son who I was told was ADD and I refused to drug him. Both my step children hated the drugs and they were zombies while on it. I have no doubt that there are people like yourself who benefit from drugs, just like people with Borderline PD are helped with drugs. There are people with an imbalance but the stats on children being diagnosed have steadily gone up over the last 3 decades and when a child is prescribed drugs when they are toddlers it is a totally different thing than when a person is an adult and able to express themselves and know when something isn’t right. Just like some people need anti depressants, but it is a fact that all the mass shooters were taking SSRI’s. The instructions given to the doctors is to meet with the patient weekly to monitor the person and talk to the family regularly so they can be privy to any personality changes and negative side effects. I know of not one parent who was given the total list of adverse side effects and not one doctor that did weekly followup. I didn’t mean to say no one should ever take an anti depressant or no children have ADD, I AM saying parents should monitor their children closely and when their child starts to show aggression, etc like Nikolas Cruz did; maybe they should not give him MORE drugs but get him off the drugs in a supervised safe environment.
      I am sure you are not going to go get a gun and kill a bunch of people and most kids on the drugs don’t, but there are some kids who can not tolerate them and they are dangerous. Just like the heart meds I was on; some people swear by them, the drugs were a miracle for them and they can’t say enough good about them. So doctors assume they work for everyone and when someone like me can’t tolerate them they tell me its all in my head and it can’t be the drugs. When I want to kill myself because I am so sick and no one is listening to me I Googled my symptoms in a last ditch effort and found out there are a handful of people who can not tolerate the drug and it actually can cause heart failure. My heart EF went from 32 to 17 in that period of time and I was told the only thing left or me was a heart transplant or I was going to die. They gave me a different drug and its like a miracle how much better I feel. Yes. it is my heart not my head but if it had been a psychiatric drug I probably won’t know what was wrong with me. I know what it feels like to be suicidal and well, Nikolas Cruz didn’t get the help he needed, because the doctors just kept pumping him full of more drugs.
      I am happy it works for you and you probably have a responsible doctor, but not all doctors are that caring. That is a fact. I don’t write about anything I have not researched and I put my sources in the blog so people can check it out themselves.
      I want to find out why over 6000 teenagers committed suicide last year. The problem is not guns, kids are going into school with knives and slashing other students and killing themselves almost daily. Boys are 7 times more likely to be diagnosed as ADD.
      Also, if you noticed, I had 8 points, I am not saying that women should not leave a bad marriage because their son will be a mass murderer if they do. I am not saying that every boy with an absentee father is going to be a mass murderer either, I am saying; with certain boys who happen to have the bad luck of having the wrong combination of things happen in their life and you throw mood altering drugs on top of it all and you have the recipe for disaster.
      I know what I went through with my son, it is hell on the parent to watch their kid self destruct. I am just trying to raise awareness to a problem so maybe there won’t be as many Nikolas Cruz’s.



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