Do You Hear Those Alarm Bells Ringing!!

Reimer Reason

I was asked a question today I thought worth sharing;
If a woman you are dating tells you that 3 of her 5 ex boyfriends threatened suicide and were “possessive imbeciles”, would you be concerned?

Shhhhh …… Do you hear that?????       That’s alarm bells going off!!!

Psychopath’s have a habit of giving subtle warnings to their new prey, part of the game I guess. They invariably out themselves in a way that they don’t come right out and say they are a psychopath but later you will go, “Oh my God, why didn’t I run?”

She has a problem, she is either attracted to emotionally unstable men, or she makes men suicidal. Either way, she has a problem, don’t make it yours.

When I first met my ex he would drop subtle hints; he told me most of his ex’s called him a cheap bastard when I…

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