When You Realize You Are Dealing With Pure Evil

I remember the first time I looked at him and saw the pure evil. It made my blood run cold and froze me in my place. I knew at that moment I was dealing with pure evil, some thing I had never believed existed. I think most everyone believes that everyone has a “good side” and that everyone can change or be healed. That something happened to make this person act the way they do and if you can love them enough, understand them, figure out why they do what they do; they can be fixed.

People try to make sense of it all because the actions of someone who is pure evil doesn’t make sense to a normal person. But when you finally see the narcissist without his mask you know, you are looking at the devil and you have to fight for your life to stay away.

Everything in you wants to believe it isn’t true and people you tell don’t want to believe you which makes it even harder. It becomes a battle against your own desire to believe in the goodness of your fellow man and what you now know in your gut to be true; you have been sleeping with the devil.

6 thoughts on “When You Realize You Are Dealing With Pure Evil

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  2. Rhonda

    It is true. To look at the man you’ve loved for 25 years and finally see the evil in his eyes is chilling. To this day I have to keep reminding myself that charm & charisma are his tools. They no longer work on me, but he is still using them on unsuspecting others to continue to harm me in any way he can….. 4 years after I left him.


  3. MamaB

    The evil is now coming out full force, and we haven’t been together for over 6 years. He calls me names, insults me, and is now lying to our kids telling them things that never happened about me not letting him see them. I have PTSD talking to him or just having to read the scathing texts he sends daily. It’s scary and I want to yell back because I’m sick of being treated this way, but I continue to take the high road, letting his attacks go unanswered.

    There’s a reason we aren’t together, and a reason he lost custody. (Hint: it wasn’t because I am “mean coward.”)

    I’m expected to parent for both of us, getting reprimanded if I don’t have the kids call HIM on THEIR birthdays, or call HIM on THEIR first day of school. I do what I can, but having to be bashed constantly because he doesn’t like knowing the kids are thriving and doing extremely well is too much. This blog keeps me from going completely bonkers.



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