Just Like A Harlequin Romance – But Not

One of my guilty pleasures through the Christmas season was watching the Harlequin Romance movies that run practically 24/7. In winter when there isn’t much to do I can get into watching one romance movie after another, they are mindless so I can do other things. You know the movies I mean, we all grew up with them; no matter what generation we are in, Harlequin type romance movies are timeless.

They are so similar, there are two basic story lines.

1. The main character (usually a woman) is heart broken after being dumped, is disillusioned with love and given up on men.

2. One of the main characters is in a committed relationship with a partner who doesn’t appreciate him or her. They are frustrated and unhappy in the relationship and for whatever reason end up going out of town, for work, to for the holidays or to take a break from her relationship.

From there the story line goes something like this,

Their eyes meet across a room, or they literally bump into each other in the most unlikely place. The man is immediately smitten with her. She isn’t interested. He pursues. She doesn’t think they have anything in common, he’s not her “type”. He doesn’t give up his pursuit.

She gives in and starts falling for him. THEN! she sees him with another woman and she dumps him.

He is confused. Finally he finds out why she is mad and he explains it was his sister, or cousin or whoever. She forgives.

There are usually a few more obstacles/misunderstandings, breakups and make ups. Slowly she comes to realize he knows her better than she knows herself and he loves her for herself. In the end he professes his undying love for her, proposes and they kiss as the credits start to roll.

I love a happy ending, don’t you??

A narcissist is counting on your love for happy endings and your secret desire for your own Harlequin Romance.

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