The Lies We Use To Sabotage Our Happiness

This morning I listened to this TED Talk and want to share it with you. It discusses the false narratives we all have running in our heads.

I have covered this topic several times before but it is always worth repeating and sometimes people can receive the same information many times before something *clicks*.

I think most people deal with some sort of false narrative that runs through their head. A false belief instilled in you at a young age that you have continued to tell yourself over and over until it became part of your identity and influenced the choices you make, the people you associate with, the job you do, every aspect of your life.

Now, before I go any further, let me make it very clear, I am not victim blaming; but the narcissist is adept at feeding these negative false narratives and it’s how he controls his victims.

People always want to know how they can protect themselves from get tangled up with another narcissist. They think they must research every trait and nuance of narcissists so they can identify them. When actually, the best defense against a narcissist is to know, accept and love your true core self. Self doubt, needing acceptance, and guilt can not influence your choices if you believe in yourself.

My false narrative went something like this;

“Once people get to know you they will find out you don’t know what you are doing. You’re a fake.”

* Growing up I was always told what I should do in order to be successful, liked, accepted. For example, a good woman has a spotless house (my mother) a good wife gives her husband sex whenever he wants it, (my dad), a good wife is a great cook and hostess. Things that I did enjoy and was talented at were laughed at and ridiculed, like my writing (my father found my journal, called a family meeting and made me sit there while he read it out loud and laughed about my most private thoughts and feelings) My artistic talents were deemed; cute but not saleable.

* As a side note; my writing has made me money and helped thousands of people and my painting has kept my head above water for years and my landscaping is in high demand. They are the only things that have sustained me the last 10 years.

“You are overly sensitive, too emotional, something is really wrong with you, you’re a flake.”

* Something my father used to tell me, my brother heard it so often he believed it and joined in. Hard not to believe something when the two men you love the most telling you it’s a fact.

“You aren’t attractive, you are fat, ugly and you are going to have to try really hard to keep a man happy.”

My mother was always putting me on a diet because we both have a pear shaped figure. I look at pictures of myself now and I was not fat. I have gone my whole life feeling fat, had an eating disorder from 17 to 30 yrs old. My weight would jump 10 lbs in a weekend because I would binge and purge. When I stopped dieting, threw out my scale and started walking and working out my weight stablized and I’ve worn the same size slacks for 15 years. I remember being excited that a certain handsome fellow had asked me out and my mom said, “Hmmm I wonder why he asked you out?”

After leaving my ex I was so broken, felt so worthless and didn’t even know who the “old me” was so didn’t know how to put myself back together.

I had no choice but to dissect all the things I had been told about myself and determine if they were true or not. I knew if there was something about myself I didn’t like it was within my power to change it.

I found that when I listened to my gut and acted on what my core self felt was right and didn’t base my decisions on what I thought others thought I should do; life went much smoother and I never felt like a fraud or flake.

Listen to the TED Talk and tell me what your false narrative is in the comments below.

4 thoughts on “The Lies We Use To Sabotage Our Happiness

  1. sue

    Dear Carrie, it never ceases to amaze me, how vile people can be – what sort of person noses into (let alone, reads aloud) a young girl’s diary? Can a (so-called) grown-up person get any more pathetic?


    1. Carrie Reimer Post author

      Sue, I know right? He was such a good dad at times when I was little but I went no contact in my 30’s. I know people thought I was over reacting or mean, but I knew I had to for my sanity. 8 will forget about some of the really shitty things he did until I am writing a post. Like that part of this post, I wrote it and then stopped, reread it and thought, “That was really fucking cruel ”
      I see it from the perspective of an adult, not a insecure teenager.


  2. narcissismathome

    It’s hard to think about, but I have reached the conclusion that it is my personal flaws that allowed me to become ensnared in the life with a narcissist. Had I had more confidence or self-assurance or something … I never would have allowed that man into my life. I have not yet figured out what my false narrative is but this is definitely something I will start thinking about.


    1. Carrie Reimer Post author

      Narcissistmathome, I’m glad I gave you something to think about.
      It hit me while researching N’s, if they are such good actors, how can I protect myself in the future.
      The only way was to look within and I would not allow him to ruin any more of my life.
      So I figured out what he triggered inside me. IT has made every aspect of my life better. I wish I would have figured it out decades ago!
      Carrie ❤️🇨🇦



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