I Used To Be Pretty

The other day I was on a job and there was a bunch of guys there drinking; going on about my "great ass". Years ago I would have laughed, said something witty and sarcastic and not wondered if they are being cruel and making fun of me. I was what my teenage son's friends called … Continue reading I Used To Be Pretty


Trust Me-Don’t Look Back!!

I wish I'd taken my own advice but I didn't so I am passing along what I learned. Communicating with your ex N (in any form, even if it's just listening to a mutual friend tell you about them, checking them on Facebook; whatever) will only bring you pain. Knowing what they are doing only … Continue reading Trust Me-Don’t Look Back!!

I Wish I Could Find The Words

There are no words to describe the pain I feel. I can't explain why I stayed for 10 yrs, I can't explain why I have cried for days in a row because I was talking to people who know J and told me a few things about his new relationship. I have had breakups before … Continue reading I Wish I Could Find The Words