Damn, I Took The Bait!!

I woke up on the couch about 1 am last night and saw that JC had messaged me at almost midnight. I wasn't going to respond to any more messages from him, I do so much better when I don't talk to him. For one thing its insulting that he will only text me and … Continue reading Damn, I Took The Bait!!


I Wish I Could Find The Words

There are no words to describe the pain I feel. I can't explain why I stayed for 10 yrs, I can't explain why I have cried for days in a row because I was talking to people who know J and told me a few things about his new relationship. I have had breakups before … Continue reading I Wish I Could Find The Words

The Dark Cloud of Narcissism

It has been over 6 months since I moved out and yet that dark cloud will float down from no where and envelope me almost smothering me. I was at the river with Kato, watching him chase waves totally in his glory! So happy! If a dog can smile he had the biggest smile on … Continue reading The Dark Cloud of Narcissism

A Warning To Women In BC

Believe it or not these are the laws in BC, I have been dealing with them 1st hand. If you are planning on letting a man live with you or even stay for a few days! be aware of what you are getting yourself into! If he gives you any money towards rent, even $100 … Continue reading A Warning To Women In BC