Going Commando

As promised he called when he got off work and we arranged to meet to move his car. I got there before him but he called to say he was only 10 minutes away. I was standing beside my car when he pulled in. He saw me and smiled, flashing me a peace symbol. (Who … Continue reading Going Commando


First Date, First Kiss

I don't know about you, but it never seems to matter how long I do the dating thing I always get the jitters. "What if he doesn't show up?" "What if he doesn't like me?" I kept telling myself that it didn't matter, I didn't even know him, but for some reason, with the handsome … Continue reading First Date, First Kiss

Finding Love When You Least Expect It.

Haven't you had a friend tell you that they met the love of their life when they had given up on it. "When you stop looking for it and least expect it, that is when you'll meet "the one". I recently watched Dirty John on Netflix and was blown away by how it paralleled my … Continue reading Finding Love When You Least Expect It.

Let’s Set The Record Straight, Right Now!

There are some misconceptions going around that have the potential to be dangerous to unwitting victims of a narcissist. Twenty years ago no one had even heard of a narcissist and a psychopath was someone depicted as running the Bates Hotel. I had heard of Narcissist, the fabled guy who fell in love with his … Continue reading Let’s Set The Record Straight, Right Now!