The #1 Lie The Narcissist Wants The Victim To Believe

Not my bull, not my bullshit


When The Victim Of A Narcissist Is Strong

I haven't been in Quora for a while and popped in to see if anyone had asked me a question. I was shocked to see I had 74 notifications. One of my answers had exploded, it has had almost 38,000 views and 1000 upvotes.!! and so many comments I had to leave and go back …

The Blog-Where It’s Going and Where The Hell I’ve Been

I started the blog in 2011 and it's been my baby ever since. I don't do things half assed and would absolutely panic if I couldn't monitor the blog and reply to comments even for one day. Now I don't even remember the last time I was here and I feel awful about it and …