The #1 Lie The Narcissist Wants The Victim To Believe

Not my bull, not my bullshit


Lowering Your Standards Does Not Raise Your Self Worth

When we "settle" for less than we deserve, whether we realize it or not; our self-worth suffers. When we met the narcissist we thought he was a high quality person, someone with principles and high standards, someone in line with our high standards and morals. As we got to know him better we started to …

When The Victim Of A Narcissist Is Strong

I haven't been in Quora for a while and popped in to see if anyone had asked me a question. I was shocked to see I had 74 notifications. One of my answers had exploded, it has had almost 38,000 views and 1000 upvotes.!! and so many comments I had to leave and go back …