Always Leave Them Wanting More

Rain and more rainand more rain and more rain, and then it rainedThat has always been my motto when ending a relationship. Always leave them wanting more. I have always had amicable breakups, been fair in the division of property, cooked them a lovely last supper, and remained "friends", for a period of time any … Continue reading Always Leave Them Wanting More


Where Do Narcissists Come From?

Where do Narcissists Come From? There are conflicting views on how a narcissist comes to be; some experts say they are born that way, like any other birth defect their's is that they are born without a soul, they aren’t wired right, when souls were being handed out they were in the bathroom looking in … Continue reading Where Do Narcissists Come From?

When Does Bragging End & Narcissism Start

This is one of the trailers available for freeWell, I am supposed to out of here in two days, I’ve done some packing but the place is so small the boxes are getting in the way and I can’t pack much more until I move. The only real problem I have is; I have no … Continue reading When Does Bragging End & Narcissism Start

A Challenge To You All

A snap shot of a few examplesI saw this challenge in the February 2012 issue of Oprah Magazine and thought it was kinda cool. The challenge is to describe YOU in 6 words. A few examples I thought were cool: Surfing life's ripples Wishing for waves Old too soon Smart too late Recipe for failure … Continue reading A Challenge To You All