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To all new visitors! Welcome!!
You have found a great group of supportive people who have all been through what you are going through and understand completely the devastation you are feeling.
You are NOT crazy and you are not to blame, you are in a relationship or just left a relationship with a narcissist/psychopath. You are not alone. Come as often as you like to vent, ask questions, cry, and get support and encouragement.
All I ask is that everyone is respectful of each other’s opinions and understands that most everyone here are at a heightened emotional state. While with the narcissist the victim lived with constant trauma, drama and were told constantly that they were wrong to feel what they were feeling and that they were flawed in some way; it makes sense they are very sensitive to criticism. 
Opinions are just that, if someone has a different opinion than you it doesn’t mean someone has to be right and someone has to be wrong. Everyone is entitled to voice an opinion.
I may have an opinion you don’t agree with and I am more than willing to back up whatever I say, so feel free to question me and I will explain why I feel the way I do. Not to convince you I am right but to explain why I feel the way I do and maybe I will give you some information you didn’t know before. Or maybe you will enlighten me. An exchange of ideas is healthy and how we learn. 
Just remember, narcissists are basically all the same but the victims are as different as people can be, we all have our own history and frame of reference. Please respect that!

7,511 thoughts on “Support Forum

  1. Rosie

    Heather, I understand about feeling alone, I can tell people are sick of hearing me whine about the whole experience with the ex, they think I should be able to just get over it. But they don’t understand the situation, having never been through it themselves. I was excited about the new year, thought it would be a fresh start, but I seem to have gone backwards and I don’t understand why. Maybe that’s part of the healing process, I don’t pain, but I am just exhausted. I wish you well, just wanted to let you know I feel your pain.


    1. Sharon hammond

      I’m the same Rosie….gotta push myself all the time to get through each day. It’s all part of it unfortunately. Hugs.


  2. Alice

    Thank you Heather,
    It’s sad that we all feel the same emotions but also sad as it’s also comforting too, I wish that nobody else would have the pain and soul ripping apart mess. I know we all have to stay focused on moving on and that I hope one day we are whole again. I hope and wish every bit of healing to you all. Surely we will one day all feel like we are completely again Carrie is proof that you can find yourself again and become stronger for it and help others along your way. I wish I was there but not yet. Thank you for sharing so I don’t feel alone in my feelings of the afterwards part of healing from the death of myself it’s like waking up isn’t it and having amnesia to yourself from before. Heather I hope you manage to get away and heal and find happiness, best wishes for you stay focused and strong. & I’ll be trying as well All my Love x


  3. shazza

    Can anyone tell me if they noticed that there ex N eyes were strange? I always thought my exes were, but thought maybe it’s just me. When he raged they were huge!! And dark and scary as. But even when he wasn’t raging, they were different, like just not right. Feedback be great plz.



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