Lady Witha Truck Store

I am excited to have opened an online store featuring my painting and photography. I originally opened it to sell some inspirational materials related to narcissists and healing from a relationship with one but have had so much fun with it I have expanded to selling all types of products. I have been told  many times I should try to sell my painting on the internet but it simply was not profitable, what with shipping, having to carry stock and the time it takes for me to paint each item. This is a viable option, Zazzle does the shipping, and does “on demand” printing and I get a royalty from each order, I only mark the items up by 20% for most items but every dime I make goes towards keeping the blog up and running.

I have struggled with keeping the blog going because I never planned on blogging for money but I never expected the blog to grow like it did either. Originally I thought I would write a few articles and hope that someone stumbled upon it and was helped. I did not expect people would need answers like they do, I did not anticipate the research I would end up doing, the advice I would end up giving, or the number of people who would come to rely on the blog for support. I had no idea the number of people out there who were searching for understanding, support and answers.

Never in my wildest dreams did I think I would ever have over 1600 followers or over a million hits, and had no idea how time consuming it would become. I have to find a way of paying my expenses and although I make a bit of money from advertising (less than $100 a month) I am hoping the store will eventually provide me with an income so I can continue to manage the blog because if I work full time at a job I will have to shut the blog down.

The store carries many gift ideas for anyone in your life and I will continue to add more products over time, shipping and handling is included in the price and even if you don’t buy from my store and find something in one of the other stores at Zazzle I will receive a small associate royalty fee. I would appreciate you checking it out, I am very proud of what I am creating and open to suggestions on what you would like to see for sale. I will do up a personalized piece just for you or a friend, getting married I can do up invitations, on a team? I can make matching ball caps or team t-shirts, there are phone covers, computer bags, key tags, placemats, towels, Christmas ornaments, greeting cards and much more.

If you would like to be notified when I create a new product send me your email address at and I will put you on the mailing list.

You can get to my store by going to Zazzle and searching for ladywithatruck or follow this link

Zazzle- ladywithatruck

11 thoughts on “Lady Witha Truck Store

    1. Maria Corley

      It’s easy to get drawn in. My childhood left me wanting to feel needed, and my ex supplied that. I felt special for a while, trying to heal his wounds, but eventually realized that any reciprocity was going to be sporadic, and on his terms.

      I don’t think he is evil. I think that narcissists only see what they are able to see. I don’t excuse his behavior, but I also don’t harbor hatred. I wish I could have done things differently, but my growth and the resultant empathy for others are a gift. Not a gift I really wanted, mind you, although empathy is always a good thing, and all of us will need to grow, no matter what our backgrounds.


    2. Cindy Vellinga

      I am in shock too right now………I am thankful to have found out now rather than many years down the road. I think I will change my blogging title now that I have not been utilizing.


  1. Phil

    I just ended a 23 year marriage with a malignant narcissist. After reading traits of a narcissist I felt you were describing my ex. I can’t believe how evil he is, your right he took, broke, sold, gave away anything that meant anything to me. we lived in our house for 11 years and he always found a way to keep me from doing anything I wanted to do or in the garden or. house. I feel I was married to satin himself. He had a restraining order put falsely again me to get me out of the house. I am thankful the judge saw him for the liar he is and dropped it. After I moved out a friend of ours told me there was a bullet hole in my bedroom wall from my ex’s room. He said the gun accidentally wet off. He did wake me one night and said he dreamed I was dead. I am having problems sleeping and would not put anything past him to destroy me.(pls do not use my name on this post)


  2. Jane Grau

    I’m 69 years old, was married for 12 years to a textbook narcissist ( a plastic surgeon) and finally figured out, on my own, what was going on and had nothing to do with him forever thereafter, even to the point of skipping my son’s graduation so I wouldn’t be available for him to abuse me in secret. Sadly, it’s sometimes too late to educate and protect our children from a narcissistic parent. But my son turned out to be just the opposite of a narcissist, a kind, loving, giving man with three delightful, well-adjusted children of his own. Blessedly, the ex is just a simple narcissist, easy to identify, easy to avoid.

    Anyway….35 years passed and I became the target of what I learned, again too late, was a narcopath. I felt like I’d fallen down the rabbit hole. Nothing was stable, nothing I ever did, even distancing and not taking anything personally, made any difference. If I didn’t answer the phone, he’d call and call and call until I finally gave in, in tears, to hear his wonderful voice, his calming words, the thrll of having, for the first time in my life someone pursuing me instead of abandoning me. This was when I was still brainwashed into thinking he was honest and true, hadn’t yet discovered the lies. Because he was loving instead of abusive, I didn’t recognize, or I denied, the red flags I’d identified from my marriage. Plus, I was going for the last romantic thrill: what 66-yr-old doesn’t need a little drama in their boring, routine lives? I cried more than I’d ever cried in my life, but it actually felt good to a woman who was practiced at repressing her feelings.

    I’ve learned, in investigating this phenomenon, that exploitive, abusive relationships are like gambling, where the victim keeps going, throughout all sorts of insane conditions, for the positive reinforcement that floods her with happy endorphins, dopamine, whatever. The smallest pay-off — a compliment, a touch, that he keeps coming home — keeps the cycle going.
    Do I still dream about the “love” I had for a few brief hours (in the space of a year) because it was the best ever? Did he give me things I’d always wanted emotionally and never had (all serving his private agenda) ? Sure. Gotta quit that.

    The “refrigerator moments” on your site and others — Want to meet a kind, loving, smart, happy person? Find all the ex-girlfriends of a narcopath — help a lot to remind me I WAS NOT THE CRAZY ONE. Despite being an expert in narcissism, I only just learned about narcopathy. It answered the eternal question, why me? Why did he choose a confident, well-adjusted funny, smart woman to destroy? Well, he didn’t even come close to destroying me, but he did fuck up my mind and my heart for a while.

    Oh, did I mention that he’s an alcoholic to boot? So combine a narcopath with a someone who is deeply shamed (not because of what he did but because the reality doesn’t match the self-image of a hero), will do and say anything to anyone — parents, children, lovers — to get a drink or serve as an operant for his life choices, whose real character is the one he hides behind the charm, talent, good looks.

    That’s the irony: most of them are genuinely bright, accomplished, charismatic, gifted — and they all end up miserable and alone. My ex-plastic surgeon is NOT famous or rich, my brilliant potter, fly fisherman, river guide, father-of-the-year ex-lover was spotted standing on the curb with a “Homeless — Anything Helps” sign. Ironically, they destroy themselves in the process of destroying others.

    Thanks for being a resource for what is an all too common phenomenon. For those of us who others look at and wonder what’s wrong with HER? Every once in a while, I look up Sandra Bullock to remind me that it happens to THE BEST WOMEN.


  3. Jane Grau

    One more thing: modeling healthy relational behaviors doesn’t work. Narcopaths are clever: they use rational thoughts and normal behaviors as grounds for gaslighting, twisting everything to make you ineffectual and insecure. Recognize that the tension coming from constant confusion and demoralization WILL make you crazy. Which only confirms what they always “suspected,” i.e. turned you into. They win.

    Time to get out? Not on your watch. Only they can decide when it ends, and they’ll do it their way. Usually when they realize you’re on to them and/or they have a new victim. In the meantime, they string you along, manipulating at every turn, and getting their “supply.”


    1. Bluebird

      OMG, I could have written your posts…except that my high-level, Harvard doctor never married me, only strung me along for 25+, incredibly painful years. He was across the country and manages to pop in..even up to this year. I’ve always wondered why he never married, why he continues to try to get a hold of me. And then, like you, I have a recent narcopath (taking a stab at the term because I’m not too familiar with them yet, but sounds about right) who you might be describing to perfection.

      I have gone out with tons of men throughout my life. I don’t say it to be proud. I only wanted one special person. I must have been just attractive enough to ‘get’ the cute ones that I really really, really wanted to go out with. And, yes, I had a very messed up childhood. Do I have a radar that goes, “Who is the meanest person in the room? I want that one!” At any rate, the ones I’ve liked the best have ‘dumped’ me. And then I’ve wanted them even more. But, what you said in your last post, has a haunting ring of “Could that be it?”

      I tend to detect bullshit fairly quickly and call someone on it. It’s always been half the fun to me…not in a mean way, but in a “C’mon, are you serious? sort of way.” And then…BOOM. They do some hideous sort of break up with me. I’ve never handled those well. I have sometimes become the ‘crazy ex’ they described. They got what they wanted…someone who is just chasing them down so they can feel popular maybe(?)

      I am currently white knuckling it with someone I met by accident on social media. We’d been part of an online group who discusses things for months. But, I suppose what doesn’t translate in person can translate online. He was my favorite person to log in and see commenting on news stories. He would post a photo of himself now and then that, to me, were just charming. We had never spoken personally to each other, just commenting on posts at the same time. He was the happy thing I would see in a world of dealing with work, bummer interactions with men (or lack thereof). I never gave it much thought, other than…”Yay, he’s online.” A little bit of a fix, if you will.

      Then, one day, I made a joke. And, here’s the twisted thing…he was making fun of abusive men. HE is abusive!! By mocking abusive men, it appears that he is not one of THEM. WTF?!? So, he wrote…”Woman, make me dinner!!” with regard to an obvious caveman sort of article on Twitter. I replied in character as though I were a doormat of a woman (*sigh), “Anything to get you to notice me.”

      DING! I received the first private message from him. “I noticed you! You are the prettiest cartoon in all of the internet.” (I use a cartoon avatar). And, that started a couple of the happy weeks I have had in the longest time. I was so so happy. I had met someone in a non obvious way. Someone who was kind of blue collar and seemingly sweet. My heart soars as I’m writing this. He was writing to me and saying how he just loves talking to me. And, then the flags… 😦 I am so sad right now and doing my very goddamned darndest to stay ‘no contact.’

      Oh, mother of God. First sign? A couple of days of talking, he asked, “Can I call you?” I said, “No, I can’t handle hearing a real voice just yet. I just can’t. I think I’ll freak out. Let me just warm up to the idea.” My phone rang instantly (he asked if he could text me so I had given him my real # – mind you, this is someone we agreed on things politically and in other ways and seemed like a really safe person). He disrespected my request not to call me. I answered. He made some kind of reason for rolling right over my answer of “no.” I got over my squeamishness of hearing a real voice and found that I LOVED his voice. Love love loved his voice. We talked for 4.5 hours. Yeah, that.

      We laughed, we talked, we got to know each other a bit. Yes, he was a bit of a Neanderthal of a guy in some ways. I thought…well, everyone tells me not to go for perfect. I’ll keep a tab on some rough-around-the-edges sort of things; maybe those can be worked out. I’m 51, he’s about 7 years older. How happy is that? Someone who is divorced around my age range? Maybe we could both be happy for our remaining years? Just simple happiness.

      And then talk of the ‘ex.’ Oh no. Ok, listen. Listen to everything carefully. Fuck. “”She filed for divorce, but was stupid enough not to take my really good offer and wanted to take it to court where I won and she got even less.” No, please no. “She poisoned my daughters against me.” Is it possible? Yeah. Probable? I don’t know. Probably not. “She’s even still friends with my mother who has dementia and has poisoned her against me too.” No. Oh no. “And, my sister…ever since i stopped bailing her out financially; her cell phone and whatnot, now she’s poisoned my mother against me also.” Breathe. Please, please..I thought I just found a small little gem in the world. Please let it not just be a polished turd.

      “My wife raised my daughters to be losers who don’t want to work. They’re too embarrassed to call me now when they need a tire fixed or anything because they turned against me.” 😦 I cried. And then he started telling me how I must speak to him. He likes to be crude. Really crude. I wanted that part toned down because it is an incredible turn off to me.

      I texted him a little anecdote about my dog getting into my bathroom trash can and ‘eating an unmentionable’ and waiting for it to pass through. He went into a rant about how “Do you mean a tampon? You CAN SAY THE WORD, YOU KNOW! WE’RE ALL ADULTS HERE!” I happen to write for a living. I’m aware of which words are available to me. Sometimes I want to be funny and not literal. And here’s where it spun south…I had had enough of his molding. “I can choose whichever words I want to use. I used the ones I did on purpose because I liked them.” His response, “Oh, so I just have to play a guessing game of what you mean?”

      Um…yes, I suppose so. That is sort of fun to me in a relationship where you can have fun with that and not everything is just so obvious. It’s a style difference, I suppose. I enjoy word play probably. He’s a direct man type of thing. I replied, “No.”

      And so began his process of trying to hurt me. Little put downs and finally a real painful & hurtful, “I’m not going to pursue you any further. You seem complicated. I’m normal.” (summarized) I gave myself the luxury of stating right then and there something for my benefit…not his. You may think it’s a doormat thing, but my sweet vision, a piece of the happiness pie I thought I found was instantly wiped out. I was speaking probably more to me than to him. “I am sad. I am really, really, really, really really sad. I truly hope and wish you find someone who is your exact match–exactly who you hope to find. I hope I find the same for me and that he is as funny and quirky and sweet and all that I like about you too. I am so sad. Ok then, I’ll leave it at this, goodbye then. I haven’t been so happy in a long time. I am going to miss you and the happiness I was enjoying. I am just incredibly sad. Bye.” He wrote “Bye.”

      And then he went on a MANtrum on Twitter. I mean, it was unbelievable. He was using my words and expressions to be funny and hit on other women in our group. It went on for two days. Someone in one of these threads convinced me to stop peeking. It’s going to hurt me. It’s been 2 days of not peeking. I shut my account off. I want to watch it like I want to watch what the police are doing across the streets with their lights blaring. Not watching. Trying to convince myself that there are better things to do. So, move…get moving. Get interested in something else. This is not where you want to be. It’s ok to be sad and disappointed. Even if there is nobody in this world for me, it is better than a single day of that sort of thing. 😦 It hurts. I’m reading all of these posts to cope. I alternate with cleaning my house and working on projects that matter. I can’t lie, however. It hurts to come back to ‘just me again.’

      The upside takeaway is this…I love that I felt love for a minute. To be clear, that I had someone I could GIVE love to. I liked that I felt I had some neat things to give. I think I could surprise someone and give them some really wonderful things. The thought of making someone so happy really excited me. So, I like that about myself. I would love a place to put all of that. That would be a luxury. I’ll come back to center with my life. I have built some neat things. Just having to let go of the disappointment. And, it is real. *sigh It’s a bummer now though. A real bummer. 😦


  4. MissDee

    I separated from a 20 year narcissistic marriage 6 months ago. It’s freeing and scary. I know he wishes for me to fail, he cleverly pits our kids in his favor unbeknownst to them. I feel angry, sad, and lost but I am yet moving. I can’t say I know what direction but I am moving. The 3 Phases of a Relationship With a Narcissist article was OMG…Spot On!!! It had everything about us but our names. I’m new as far as leaving comments that are so personally close to my life, perhaps I’ll get better at it but for now this all I can say.


  5. kymykatlive

    Let me ask you this. You’ve been married 25 years to a man who is a monster one minute with you but charming as can be to everyone else. You find out that he was having affair with your skanky cousin up north. She’s married too. He has charmed everyone. My sister can believe what I’m telling her. My cousin is just like my husband so she’s a convincing liar too. Ok. So I hate him and just want to be free of him. I move into a house he had to buy me cuz my perfecto credit is ruined by him throwing out bills and banking files in dumpsters when I don’t do what he tells me to do. I’ve been victim of identity fraud 8 times that I’m aware of. I can’t even rent an apt. The two cars are in his name that way he can report which ever one I’m in stolen. Well he is living in our other house 3 hours away. I’m thrilled. He texts and calls and streams everyday that I’m a piece of shit. He tells everyone I’m a gold digger. He flirts with all women. I don’t even care but sometimes like with my cousin it’s too close for comfort. Well he tells me he paying bills which were all in my name at our old house. and later I learn he lied and those bills I’m now being forced to pay them plus deposits . To make this story shorter he lives here. YIKES HOW DOES S THIS HAPPEN !?! He moved in saying it just for a week he had a place but there was a week gap he didn’t plan for and he was tapped. I let him because my heater was broken and I was cold. I felt that if he lived here he would want heat. He moved in and ran off to gamble for three days and brought me a plug in 1500 watt heater for my feet. I got tired of it and drove two hours to a friends who’s roommate did heaters and couldn’t get him to come fix it but my friend came and after a week and a half it was fixed. It only took 5 weeks. And so I’m ready for my friend to go back home so I ask my ex to drop my friend next day back up in the area he was driving up to anyways for work. Instead he told my friend to build himself a apt in garage and stay on a fix stuff. Still everyday my husband abuses me with his nagging me about no money. Once my ex yelled out that I had my boyfriend living with us. My ex or husband either way constantly telling everyone he never messed around and has been a devoted loyal husband all these years. We don’t have a sex life at all. I suspect he likes guys too. I’m not interested in him or attracted to him. So he has been going to the doctor ( I have no insurance at all) he hitting every area getting it all checked out. He had viagra. He comes back from doctors with injections he does to make him have an erection. I said something to him about it. He claims its all for me. He goes to auto auctions a few times a week I know he isn’t there for the whole thing he buys the cars the night before. I hear the conversations about the cars he has bought and how could he mss body damage .

    I told him to go use his doctor prescribed meds and find someone else to harass and abuse. I know he has other bank accounts. He has me owing half to f his tax debt. I gotta get out of get him out. Any suggestions. And you have to have thoughts on his erection meds? Oh I told him I getting the females version of viagra and he went crazy. Double standard.



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