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I think many of you can relate to this; I know I certainly can. This lady is really talented, well worth checking out her site.


Live my life for me

So very true, I have a hard time remembering this sometimes myself

5 things everyone should know about domestic abuse

Exactly!! I have heard every single one of these at some point. This should be included in police training and other “resources” that are supposed to be there to help the victim and end up doing more harm than good.

Avalanche of the soul

This International Women’s Day, millions of women will continue to suffer domestic abuse in silence. Let’s tackle the stigma that prevents women from speaking out. Let’s challenge some of the biggest (and most unhelpful) myths – starting with these fateful five.

The world is talking about celebrating and empowering women. However, as the global epidemic of domestic abuse continues to devastate lives, millions of women will carry on suffering in silence. Many feel unable to reach out, fearing they will be blamed or misunderstood. As part of the fight-back against abuse, we must banish the misconceptions that fuel suffocating stigma.

MYTH #1 Only vulnerable women experience domestic violence.

It’s true that vulnerable women are at increased risk. According to the World Health Organisation, women who have witnessed domestic violence as children are more likely to be abused themselves in later life. Women who have experienced domestic abuse …

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I Am Published, Like A Real Writer!

Isn't that something, I am so blessed I forgot to mention a very exciting, if not nerve racking event in my life. I am a published writer. It is looooooong and they printed every word. and a Bio. Yikes!! The magazine is "18 Wheels and Heels" a magazine for females involved in the trucking industry, either …