I Have Nobody Else To Blame

Here I sit, truck broken down, its acting like it's out of fuel but it simply can't be. I am totally broke, $10 to my name and I was rushing to get a load into Amix so I'd have money. I hate operating like this, always down to the wire. I hate to admit I … Continue reading I Have Nobody Else To Blame


What Is Love

I receive newsletters from Ariel Ford, she give seminars on manifesting your soul mate. I had to share what she had to say this morning, it is so simple. The one part that resonated with me was the part where it says with you I become a better woman and with me you become a … Continue reading What Is Love

Like A Boomerang They Always Come Back

It came yesterday...... the day he came back professing his love. I have wondered what I would do, envisioned just pretending I didn’t see him, telling him to fuck off, telling him to kiss my ass but I didn’t do any of those things. Amix is open until noon on Saturdays and JC knows I … Continue reading Like A Boomerang They Always Come Back

What Do I Do With Your Love Now?

Since I saw you I debated whether go or to stay Since you rarely had anything Nice to say When we talked I used to believe In the love you gave to me I walked away even though it all but killed me to leave You laughed at my pain And my suicidal pleas Since … Continue reading What Do I Do With Your Love Now?