No Contact!!!! The Narcissist Does NOT Change!

You know the saying; those that can't, teach? Well that is me, please believe me, no contact with your ex narcissistic spouse is the only way to save yourself. To quote my father, "Do as I say not as I do!" They do NOT change, they do NOT care about you and they will NOT … Continue reading No Contact!!!! The Narcissist Does NOT Change!


Stockholm Syndrome

Stockholm Syndrome is a plausible reason women stay in abusive relationships. It is a condition often found with kidnap victims, hostages or anyone who has been in a "life and death" situation for an extended period of time. The victim becomes sympathetic to the abuser's way of thinking and will even fight being rescued because … Continue reading Stockholm Syndrome

It’s Time to Admit the Truth

It is the strangest feeling, knowing he is out there, loving someone else, probably saying and doing the same things he did with me in the beginning. He was so subtle about how he made his ex's sound like horrible bitches. He has mastered the art of bragging or criticizing so that it looked like … Continue reading It’s Time to Admit the Truth

I Should Have Known Better

JC's mother and I got quite close through our relationship, largely due to my own mother basically disowning me for being with him. His mother helped me deal with many issues throughout the 10 yrs we were together and when he left me for another woman I cried to her. Recently JC must have told … Continue reading I Should Have Known Better