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I Am Published, Like A Real Writer!


Writing this article was one of the most nerve wracking things I have done. And there it is right on the cover!

Isn’t that something, I am so blessed I forgot to mention a very exciting, if not nerve racking event in my life. I am a published writer. It is looooooong and they printed every word. and a Bio.


The magazine is “18 Wheels and Heels” a magazine for females involved in the

trucking industry, either driving semi, married to a trucker, or driving some other truck. They visited my site and emailed me asking if I would write an article about domestic abuse for the magazine and how I became the Lady Witha Truck.

For some reason I am surprised I was actually published, well to be honest I thought I had gotten way too long but then I thought, “that’s what editors are for” and they didn’t leave out a thing.

I am all nervous about it.!!