Lowering Your Standards Does Not Raise Your Self Worth

When we "settle" for less than we deserve, whether we realize it or not; our self-worth suffers. When we met the narcissist we thought he was a high quality person, someone with principles and high standards, someone in line with our high standards and morals. As we got to know him better we started to … Continue reading Lowering Your Standards Does Not Raise Your Self Worth


Two Years In Review

It is 2 years, 29 days since I loaded up what few possessions I had and limped my truck and my broken heart to a friend's. It is 1 yr 9 mth since I found him at P's house & he moved in with M. Its just over a yr since I discovered his blog … Continue reading Two Years In Review

Bonding With A Stranger

I had a wonderful and unexpected experience last night. I went over to my girlfriend's for a visit and to use her internet. While I was there she had some friends drop by. The girl was very outgoing, talkative and upbeat kind of person and I immediately took a liking to her, she was typical … Continue reading Bonding With A Stranger

What a Difference a Lunch Can Make

My mom called, well texted saying she wanted to buy me lunch yesterday so I met her in Surrey because I still had to drop off my tax returns. (The really dumb thing is that the taxation office was shut down permanently the first of Oct and you just leave whatever you are dropping off … Continue reading What a Difference a Lunch Can Make