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Recipe For Making A Suicidal Murderer


People always ask how narcissists are made, some say it’s because of some trauma in their childhood or because they were over indulged growing up. I believe it is part nurture but mostly nature, some anomaly of nature, too many xx’s or not enough x’s and upbringing more affected how it presented itself in the narcissist.

It seems there are more narcissists than ever, but they aren’t true narcissists, they are “narcissist like” and I think we are seeing the results of 3 decades of mood altering drugs being given to our kids. ADHD became a thing about 30 years ago and has become so common nothing is thought of it when a parent is told their kid needs to be on drugs. I was aghast when it was suggested to me 30 years ago and I am so happy I didn’t agree.

I have talked about in recent posts about the side effects of SSRI’s and psychiatric drugs and the effect they have on people. Drug companies down play the adverse side effects and insist any slight side effects are far outweighed by the benefits. I am calling BULLSHIT! The whole purpose of the drugs is to calm a child down, make them more compliant, docile, easy to handle. They numb the child’s emotions, meaning their ability to feel empathy and compassion are numbed but they are known to induce anger, aggression, paranoia, suicidal tendencies, homicidal tendencies and violence. That is just cruel! barbaric! and the government, big pharma is doing it to our kids.

They say that kids often outgrow ADHD, really; so in other words you are drugging them so they are easier to get through school and out of the house. Maybe they are just different, maybe they are more head strong, more intelligent, need to be challenged, but oh no, that would take effort, it’s easier to drug them.

No one knows for sure the long term effects of the drugs because no one cares. I am not a doctor or psychiatrist but I know this; if you alter a child’s mind when they are developing their personality, you alter the structure of their brain. You can make a “narcissist-like” person.

Following is a link to my most recent post on Reimer Reason on how to make a murderer.

Are We Making Narcissistic Murderers?

Another post from my new site, delving into ADHD and the drugs used to treat the children diagnosed with any number of childhood behavior disorders.

Every mass shooter has been taking some sort of psychiatric drug; you can not convince me that the medical profession isn’t playing Russian roulette with our kids. SSRI’s are the biggest selling drug on the market, it is the most prescribed and causes so many adverse side effects that the FDA requires they carry a “black box warning” and yet the drug industry says there is no proof the drugs have anything to do with people and kids performing violent and aggressive acts.

Eli Lilly and Company a major drug manufacturer has paid out on many court cases because of the side effects of SSRI’s they produce. Murderers have gotten off the charges because of claims the drugs made them do it. All the traits of a mass shooter fit the many adverse side effects of SSRI’s. Soldiers being treated for PTSD are all of a sudden being charged with domestic abuse when they had never been abusive before. The Las Vegas shooter had no indications of what he had planned, it seemed totally out of character; if he hadn’t just started taking an SSRI.

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