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Are We Making Narcissistic Murderers?

Another post from my new site, delving into ADHD and the drugs used to treat the children diagnosed with any number of childhood behavior disorders.

Every mass shooter has been taking some sort of psychiatric drug; you can not convince me that the medical profession isn’t playing Russian roulette with our kids. SSRI’s are the biggest selling drug on the market, it is the most prescribed and causes so many adverse side effects that the FDA requires they carry a “black box warning” and yet the drug industry says there is no proof the drugs have anything to do with people and kids performing violent and aggressive acts.

Eli Lilly and Company a major drug manufacturer has paid out on many court cases because of the side effects of SSRI’s they produce. Murderers have gotten off the charges because of claims the drugs made them do it. All the traits of a mass shooter fit the many adverse side effects of SSRI’s. Soldiers being treated for PTSD are all of a sudden being charged with domestic abuse when they had never been abusive before. The Las Vegas shooter had no indications of what he had planned, it seemed totally out of character; if he hadn’t just started taking an SSRI.

Here is the link to my new post, tell me what you think.

The Making Of A Mass Murderer

Below is a link to the new post on my new blog, Reimer Reason

The Making Of A Mass Murderer

You might find it interesting because there is a connection to narcissism in a round about way. I have become rather obsessed with figuring out exactly what drives a person to commit such a heinous crime as a mass shooting. Of course it is not as simple as banning guns. That might slow them down a bit but it doesn’t deal with WHY they do it.

As I suspected there are many contributing factors and this post covers a few of them, it is only part 1. What I had not suspected was that there was such a high number percentage of people on psychiatric drugs committing acts of violence and suicide. I thought things like anti-depressants were supposed to stop people from feeling that way!

I have read articles saying that the shooters are narcissists and that just did not ring true to me. They may commit murder when pushed into a corner but for one thing, a narcissist doesn’t seek help on his own because they don’t believe they have a problem whereas almost all, like 99% of them had been taking psychiatric drugs and been getting counseling. But over 60% had a history of domestic abuse also and were terribly self obsessed.

But I have seen with the victims here that a person who feels persecuted, disregarded, dismissed, rejected and no one cares, they become very self absorbed, almost narcissistic. That is why so many fear they are the narcissist. But to have narcissistic traits does not a narcissist make. There are like 20 traits a person must have in order to be considered a narcissist. But at various times in a person’s life they may be more narcissistic than other times.

Anyway, check out the post and let me know what you think.