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And Now For Your Entertainment – Stella!!

I DO have a good life and a part of that, a very large part of that good life is due to who i spend it with, my sweet sweet Stella.

I was enjoying feeding the geese from the window of the boat just a few minutes ago, it’s amazing how fast those babies grow. It was just a week ago they were little balls of fluff and now they are swimming just like the big geese. There are always a lot of adult geese along with them and you don’t want to mess with a protective Goose.

Everything was going along fine, you can hear the babies making their squeaking sounds trying to sound like an adult and then you can see one of the adult sit up straight and honk, then he starts to hiss. I am wondering what is going on and pan the camera to where the goose is looking and hissing and who do I see, 1/2 way out the window? You guess it, Stella, ready to take a swim with the geese. Funny girl!!

The video goes black for about 15 seconds while I get a slice of bread so keep watching. I can’t edit these things not techie at all. Enjoy!! and I hope where ever you are the sun is shining, the waters are calm and you find joy in something, even if it is just a small thing that makes you smile.

Sorry forgot to add the link the first time, then I added the wrong link, it was 14 minutes of someone’s “loon Cam” boooring!!! finally I am hoping I got this right!! Like I said, i am not techie at all 🙂 , here is the link Carrie feeds the geese