The Secret of Happiness – Adaptability

I recently read an articles that said the secret to happiness is being flexible and adaptable. That makes sense, being adaptable means you make the best of a situation and you do not rigidly insist on things always going as you plan. The ability to go with the flow can make for a happier life … Continue reading The Secret of Happiness – Adaptability


The Lies They Tell

I took an excerpt from JC's post on his blog to show how they twist the facts to put themselves in the role of victim and good guy. I could not possibly answer to all his accusations, it would take days but here are two of his accusations that I am sure have gotten him … Continue reading The Lies They Tell

Typical Narcissist Apology

Below is an actual message left on my computer by JC in 2008. A little background info on what led to him writing me this letter: He had gone to Africa and come back; supposedly with Malaria. I had discovered he had gotten engaged to a young woman in Uganda while he was there and … Continue reading Typical Narcissist Apology

When In Doubt

I have noticed a few women mentioning that they have their moments of doubt, that they worry that they were responsible for the relationship ending and for their ex treating them so badly, after all he is treating the new woman so well. In fact, he is treating her just like he treated you in … Continue reading When In Doubt