I am back! It has been a difficult time for me the past while. I am ordinarily a pretty optimistic person, which has not always worked in my favor when it came to being with James, because I tend to make the best of a situation, it may take me a day or two but … Continue reading Struggles


But I Can’t – But Yes You Can!

How many times have you said it? I can't, I just can't, don't ask me to because I can't, I hurt too much and I can not survive this pain. I hate to break it to you, but no matter how hard you fight it, no matter how hard you wish it, you can go … Continue reading But I Can’t – But Yes You Can!

Narcissists -Nurture or Nature?

I made this comment on another blog very"Narcraiders" If you haven't been there you should check it out. The post was about how narcissists/psychopaths are made. I typed it all on my phone so excuse any typos, but I said alot and didn't want to type it all. Here it is- Betty, This is a … Continue reading Narcissists -Nurture or Nature?