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For Under A $100 You Can Buy A Replace For Your Narcissist

As anyone who has been involved with a narcissist will tell you, they will bankrupt you financially and emotionally. They are a big black hole that will drain you completely before they move on to their next target. Then just as you are starting to heal, they will pop back into your life to test if they’ve still got “it” and suck you back in for another round of, “pull you close in order to discard you”.

Victims of a narcissist often ask “When will he stop hurting me?” “Why won’t he leave me alone?” “I begged him to leave me alone, why does he keep coming back if he doesn’t love me?”

The answer is very simple, because you let him.

Narcissists are nasty like that. They actually get off on your pain. It’s a huge ego boost to be able to hurt you that badly and be able to suck you back into their toxic web. They do not value your love and loyalty, in fact they are disgusted by it and feel justified to hurt you even worse next time to punish you for your gullibility.

Don’t worry, they will be back as many times as you allow.

I have found the perfect replacement for the narcissist in your life.

The Boyfriend Pillow


You can start with just the pillow for around $35 and once you have had enough time to get to know him and want to take it to the next level you can add a dildo of your choice, for the ultimate boyfriend experience.

If you want the deluxe relationship you can add Alexa (just eliminate the a on the end and call it Alex) to have it all for a fraction of the cost and NO heart ache!!

Ten Reasons Why A Boyfriend Pillow Is Better Than A Narcissist

1. You set the pace of the relationship, no one pushing you for sex too soon or wanting to monopolize your time.

2. You may be thinking “but a pillow or dildo don’t have feelings.” Neither does a narcissist, and a pillow can’t discard you!

3. You always know where your boyfriend pillow is. No more nights wondering where he is, who he’s with and when he will be home.

4. No more sleeping alone while he feeds his addiction to porn, dating sites.

5. Safe sex! You don’t have to worry about getting an STD from a pillow or dildo.

6. You will have great orgasms every time, when YOU want them. No more being forced to have sex whether you want to or not. No more begging for sex and no more being left hanging. (Because let’s face it, most victims of a narcissist will tell you that although sex was fantastic in the beginning, after awhile your pleasure was never considered; unless he was trying to win you back)

7. After the initial cost to purchase your boyfriend pillow, there is no further expense to you. No more lending money that never gets paid back, no more supporting someone who can’t hold a job, no one draining your savings account or taking half your house.

8. Speaking of your house. Its easy to get rid of a boyfriend pillow. They can’t stalk you. They won’t blow up your phone or show up unannounced at your door. If you meet another guy, you can throw the boyfriend pillow and dildo in a box in the attic and it will be there waiting should you ever want it back. No guilt trips, revenge, or bringing up the past.

9. A boyfriend pillow will put his arm around you and just listen for as long as you need without interrupting. Will never tell you that you’re wrong to feel what you are feeling or blame you for your own pain.

10. If you go for the deluxe boyfriend package and get “Alex” you will have someone who will make reservations, book trips, change the music (to songs you want to listen to), turn the lights out and lock the doors. All things you probably had to do when you were with the narcissist. Plus an added bonus; you only have to pay for one when you travel or dine, instead of two.

That doesn’t include all the things any woman could appreciate.

– when you come home after a long day the house is in the exact condition you left it. No dirty dishes scattered through the house, no muddy foot prints on the freshly washed floors.

– only one extra shirt to wash, dry and iron

– no wet towels on the floor or bed

– no dirty clothes laying around

– the toilet seat is never left up

– no whiskers or tooth paste left in the sink (unless you leave them there)

– no one farting, reading in the bathroom, or missing the toilet bowl, using the last of the toilet roll and not replacing it (or putting it on the wrong way)

An added bonus, the boyfriend pillow will always hold a crying baby while you get a bottle ready.

A dog is great (and I would never trade Stella for a pillow) but a dog does restrict a person’s lifestyle, many places don’t allow pets, and they can be expensive.

I think I am onto something here.

Tell me what you think!

* Disclaimer. I love men, I have a son (but then he is perfect) and know many men who I like or love alot! This is meant to be light hearted and to make you smile.

The Benefits To Being A Victim

Now don’t get all mad at me until you hear me out! I only ever write about what I know so what I am about to say comes from my experience and I am not criticizing anyone.


I can remember saying, “Why does he keep hurting me?” and I was told by the people I was crying the blues to, “Because you let him.”

I was offended, I was NOT letting him hurt me, I never called him, I was no contact, HE called me and then he said horrible things to me and now I have cried for hours and feel like crap. How can THAT be my fault?

“He showed up where I worked and wanted to talk and I wasn’t strong enough to say no and now I am heart-broken again and it’s been a year!! Will I ever heal? Why does he keep hurting me?! ”

People kept telling me to go no contact, but I wasn’t contacting him so I was no contact. Let’s be honest, not many of us can receive an email from our ex and not read it, and then if he baits us it is soooooo hard to not respond. BUT if he can’t get an email to us we never know if he tried, we never have to read his bullshit intended to get a reaction and we don’t have to exercise enough will power to not give him a piece of our mind. OR if he is being all contrite and sorry we don’t have to decipher if he is lying or not and deal with self-doubt and indecision because we won’t know.

If you are keeping the lines of communication open, giving him some little crack to get through to you , be honest, you are waiting and hoping he is going to contact you and be sorry. You want to make sure that if he changes his mind he has a way through to you.


OK you can’t stop him from showing up at your work and it is admittedly very hard to not talk to him if he does. You will pay the price of talking to him, believe me! he does not have your best interests at heart and if he shows up out of the blue you can bet he has some delicious hurt in store for you. You will think he has had a falling out with his new woman or things aren’t going well for him and her and you will delight that he is now missing you. Don’t flatter yourself too quickly, more than likely he has just solidified the relationship with the ow, either gotten engaged, moved in together or even gotten married and now that he has her hooked he can start the devaluing of her. He will start making her jealous so she tries harder, and if he can hook you back in then he can hurt you at the same time he gets her doing the pick me dance. No doubt you will be so pissed when you find out he is still with her, you will decide to blow his cover and call her (I sent a 14 page email) and it will only serve to prove:

a) you still care about him

b) he can’t be that bad because you still want him

c) that you are a psycho that can’t get over him

d) she had better treat him really well because you are just waiting in the wings to take him back

He gets exactly what he wanted, she has even more reason to stick it out even if it is starting to fall apart and you…………..well you lose again!

I hear you, “But I CAN’T, I just can’t stop thinking about him, I can’t not respond, it is just too hard.”

I am going to let you in on the cold hard facts. You have no choice! That is right, there is no can’t; because you have to, or stay the victim forever. the relationship is over, has been over for a long long time and you are clinging to something that was never there and the wish that it was. You are clinging to nothing, an illusion, you are driving yourself insane and making yourself miserable over a fantasy. It is equal to going to the theater and seeing a romance movie and waiting for the actor to call you and profess his undying love. It is like crying for days because in the movie the relationship didn’t work and writing the writer of the movie and telling him he has to redo the movie because you don’t like the ending. It ain’t going to happen.

You might as well continue to believe in Santa Claus and expect gifts under the tree and then be disappointed when there aren’t any and go complain to everyone who will listen that the fat bastard didn’t leave you gifts again this year. You won’t get much sympathy will you?

I am not saying it is easy but it is possible to get over a narcissist, but the first step is accepting that the man you fell in love with never existed and that script that is running through your head is nothing more than a movie plot.

Next you go no contact- in every way possible, yes he might still show up where you work but the harder he has to work at getting to you the better the chance he will get bored and move on to an easier target. The N is not into working too hard getting you back into his web, he is coming to you because he thinks he has you right where he wants you, one little lie and a few tears and he is sure you will buckle and then he has his reserve supply lined up and he will pop into your life at will. When ever he is bored or needs to get the new woman to shape up and put up with his shit because you still want him besides it is so damn entertaining for him to watch two women fight over him.

Both of you totally forgetting that he is the asshole playing two women because you are both so busy pissing on your territory and determined to be the “better woman”. Pick me! Pick me! and he is laughing and patting himself on the back.

And do you know what is happening in your head? You are losing more self-esteem, you have less self-confidence, you become needier and depressed, you feel unattractive and not worthy AND on top of it all you lose respect for yourself.

I have said it before but it is what I kept repeating to myself every time I started to obsess about the wospos and the new woman.

“It is your own fault I hurt you. You kept taking me back.” and “What did you do?” “I stayed” and him saying “Exactly”

When your mind starts to obsess about him, what could have been, what you wish would be, you have the power to STOP, tell yourself NO I am not going to torture myself any more, I am going to think about something else. And think about something else, anything else. What you think about is up to you, as long as it isn’t the N. it will get easier.

As long as you let him hurt you, you are choosing to stay a victim. There are benefits to being a victim.

1. You always have someone to bitch about.

2. As long as he is hurting you, you can tell yourself he still cares about you.

3. You start to feel the same way he does, any attention is better than no attention, even if he hurts you, you are so used to him hurting you it is almost comforting.

4. As long as you are consumed with him you can’t have a healthy relationship with anyone else and you are afraid you don’ t know how to have a healthy relationship.

5. you don’t feel all alone if you hold onto a glimmer of hope he will come back.

6. As long as you are a victim you don’t have to be responsible for your own happiness, you have him destroying it. What if he wasn’t destroying everything good in your life and your life still sucked? That’s a scary thought, no one to blame for your unhappiness.

7. If you have him to consume your thoughts 24/7 you can’t be expected to get on with your life by going to school, moving, getting a new job, volunteer, make new friends because after all you just can’t think of anything but him and you never know if you will be a crying mess.

8. You always have something to talk about, you don’t need to have an interesting life, he keeps you so busy you don’t have time to do anything else.

9. By comparison you are normal and the “good” guy.

10. You envision him feeling guilty for hurting you and you are determined to show him the pain he has caused you. psst* he doesn’t care.

It truly is up to you. That is the real kicker. I know. It sucks. But it is the truth. If you have PTSD, get help, join a support group, get a counselor, because PTSD is very hard to deal with alone, you need help. Other than that, start eating properly, educate yourself about narcs and psychopaths so you can rid yourself of the illusion he will ever change and be prepared for his curtain call. be patient with yourself yes! it takes time, I am not saying you are supposed to be over him in a month or even a year but by a year you should have been no contact a year and well on your way to recovered. If you sleep with him or listen to his bullshit 10 months out of the relationship you will set yourself back to almost the beginning, get back on the horse, forgive yourself but learn from it and go no contact again and start over. Remind yourself that you have wasted however long already, it is up to you how much longer you waste your emotions on someone who just does not care.

You were a victim until you figure out what he was, once you figured out he was a narcissist and you started reading here or elsewhere you stopped being a victim because once you have the knowledge you have the ability to save yourself and you become a survivor.

Don’t misinterpret what I am saying, I am not saying the narcissist is right for what he is doing or that you deserve it. In a normal relationship if a person doesn’t love you any more and the relationship breaks up they stay away from you because they know it is only hurting you more and giving you false hope.  But with a narcissist,  if you do not take control of your happiness and you are waiting for him to do the compassionate and right thing; you will be a victim forever more.