Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas!!     I want to wish everyone a Christmas Day of peace and serenity, filled with friends and family, lots of food, booze, laughs, and a light heart. Wherever you may be in this big world I want to thank you for all your support throughout the last year and the 4 Christmases … Continue reading Merry Christmas!


A Little Update

I haven't been posting much lately, I have been in a bit of a slump to be honest. I guess it's the Christmas blues. I should be used to it and I don't know why it is hitting me this hard this year. Well, yes I do know why. I can't say too much because … Continue reading A Little Update

Merry Christmas

It's Christmas morning and I am all alone, listening to Christmas carols, drinking a French Vanilla coffee, having a smoke (bad,bad maybe in the New year I will quit) and looking at the news knowing that there are people who come to this blog who are without power, unable to travel and being beaten by … Continue reading Merry Christmas

Christmas Blues

I've got them, the good old Christmas blues, it is a bad time for many people; people who have never known a narcissist get the Christmas blues. There is so much hype around Christmas, pressure to be with someone, to belong, to be loved. All the Christmas movies, songs and specials are about miracles happening, … Continue reading Christmas Blues