What Was I Thinking

I was thanking my lucky stars, I could not believe my good fortune. I had seen my girlfriends meet men who treated them like queens and wanted to take care of them and my girlfriends let them. In the past I had been ferociously  independent and self sufficient. I had listened to my dad and … Continue reading What Was I Thinking


The Attraction Grows

He laughed again and said,"So I gather it didn't go well?" Me: "He was a pompous ass lawyer" He had a really good laugh at that and then said he was sorry it didn't turn out. Me: "Oh well, I didn't have any expectations that he was going to be the love of my life … Continue reading The Attraction Grows

Why Was I Attracted To The Narcissist ?

Not long ago a fellow named Tom commented on my page, "Playing With The Cards I'm Dealt" He said that the victims have to look at their part in the relationship especially what attracted them to the narcissistic and why they stayed, like Tom said, "the guy didn't pack you off, tie you up and … Continue reading Why Was I Attracted To The Narcissist ?

How Do I Move On After The Narcissist?

I said to my ex once, “I bet you really wonder about yourself” Him: “What do you mean?” Me: “Well all your ex’s are psycho bitches.” Him: “Yeah so, what’s your point?” Me: “I was just thinking that either you pick psycho bitches or you turn women into psycho bitches, either way you have a … Continue reading How Do I Move On After The Narcissist?