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To Serve And Protect? Are You Joking?

friendly police

This may seem a little off topic but actually it is terrifyingly very much related to narcissist/psychopaths and their need for power, control and delusional belief that they deserve to take whatever they want, do whatever they want and are above the law.

In recent years the news has been increasingly flooded with reports of cops beating and tasering innocent people, old aged pensioners, young kids, people’s pets, and expecting to get off (after they have a few months paid vacation) while the case is investigated.  If a person calls the police or is stopped for a traffic violation they are tossing the dice and hoping they get one of the “good cops” and he is in a good mood.

In the news recently, 3 cops in Toronto were suspended with pay and charged with gang raping a female parking enforcement officer, (the reporter made a point to mention the officers were off duty and drunk when they raped the woman. I don’t know about you but that just doesn’t make me feel better) They were quickly released on $15,000 bail (good thing they will continue to get paid while they wait to go to court). When asked why the officers were still being paid the police chief said because they are innocent until proven guilty. Correct me if I am wrong but I am pretty sure not all citizens are given the same courtesy, in fact I am positive. One of the officers was involved in a cover up of the beating of chef Raymond Costain, whose seven drunk driving-related charges were stayed in March 2013 due to “excessive force” and “misconduct” by police. I don’t even know what constitutes “excessive force” and “misconduct”.

The next big breaking news story the other day is the 17 police officers from the Abbotsford Police Dept who are being investigated on 148 separate charges of attempting to obstruct justice and corruption. These charges stem from an investigation started in 2012 when the Vancouver Police Dept was brought in to investigate one officer who has been suspended without pay and is charged with three counts of breach of trust, misconduct, lying in order to secure search warrants, warning drug dealers of impending raids, drug dealing and conspiracy and one count of unsafe storage of a firearm. The investigation uncovered further allegations of misconduct against 16 of Abbotsford Police Department’s 217 officers.

All this has brought the courts to a grinding halt because before proceeding with cases they have to make sure the investigations were done properly and cases already tried are now being looked at again to make sure those investigations were done legally. This could very well end up with criminals who were guilty of a crime getting out on a technicality and it could also mean innocent people will see justice. Either way this is going to be a huge cost to the tax payer, the people who pay the cops wages, the people these cops are paid to protect. It proves what a joke our legal system is. Seventeen; count them, 17, cops under investigation for 148 separate charges of misconduct, in one small rural town, I cringe to think how many dirty cops there are in Vancouver. Off the top of my head; Robert Dziekański a polish visitor to Vancouver who did not speak English, who was tasered to death at Vancouver Airport,  then there is 47-year-old Firoz Khan, who was attacked and badly beaten by 3 drunk off duty cops in the early morning hours while he was doing his job as a delivery person back in 2007 and none of the cops did any time behind bars, The homeless man who was beaten to death, the numerous cops caught drunk driving, the homes that have been raided by “accident” where innocent people were assaulted and innocent dogs were shot in front of the children. It makes me literally sick to my stomach and it is happening all over the world.

I absolutely do not agree with the whack jobs that go around killing innocent police but I can see why these nut cases would be inclined to do so. From what I can tell most cops get a slap on the wrist and a paid vacation when there is a complaint filed, I know of no other profession where you can beat the crap out of someone for no reason, rape, or steal from customers and continue to receive your pay cheque while you wait to go to court.  After all, are the police not hired to protect citizens?, making all of us their customers, do our tax dollars not pay their wages? Doesn’t that earn us fair treatment and respect? We are not being protected by the people we hire to do the job; we are being terrorized by them without recourse. If we dare to file complaints against one of them we can expect to not be able to blow our noses in public without being charged with something.

It appears to me there is a younger generation of cops who are in it for the power it gives them, that they are above the law and if they are itching to beat the crap out of someone, rape someone, or if they have it in for someone they can manipulate the laws, downright break the law, and the most they will get is a paid vacation. It is scary to think what is going to happen when the old timer cops have all retired and we are left with a bunch of power hungry control freak narcissist/psychopaths who are running amuck, writing their own laws as they go.

I personally should have filed complaints against the cops at different times in my life but they were called because of domestic abuse and I was already in a weakened and emotional state. It was a regular “old boys club” with my ex and the Mission police; joking around with the cops, the cops telling me to keep MY mouth shut or they would arrest me, right down to offering my ex to take whatever he wanted and did he want to check in the house for anything he wanted and when I protested and said there was nothing in the house that belonged to him the cop pointed his finger in my face and said, “I told YOU to keep your mouth shut, one more word and I will arrest you!”

Then they tell me he won’t be back and they escorted him out of the park and when I go out to get boxes for moving I find myself in the headlights of my ex’s truck.  When my ex altered my statement to the police and photocopied my signature at the bottom in an obvious forgery the cops did not notify me but waited until court day and then handed it to my son in an obvious attempt to aggravate the situation.  When the police were called by my school because they were afraid for my safety and when the female cop asked if I wanted help to leave and I said yes she left and a week later a male cop drives up and hands me brochures on domestic abuse with my ex standing right there and there was a restraining order on him at the time. Yet a few weeks later the cops come through the gate with tow trucks and haul away all these stolen vehicles out of the gravel pit that my ex had hidden and yet he does not get charged for any of them but they haul him away because there is a restraining order against him and leave me 10 miles out in the middle of nowhere without a phone or vehicle.  Every single time they were called it ended up being a joke so I stopped expecting help and it only contributed further to my feelings of helplessness and self doubt.

There was the time I was pulled over by the Department of Transportation and my truck was taken off the road because of a loud exhaust, the cop gave me tickets equalling almost $2000. I fought him in court and made a fool out of him and had my fines reduced to a couple hundred dollars. When I asked the officer if he remembered what he said to me when he gave me the ticket and the officer said he didn’t, I refreshed his memory, “You said, I don’[t want to appear like I don’t care, but I don’t care.” The judge looked at the cop and asked, “You said that?” The officer replied, “Well yeah, the tears had started by then.” The judge looked at me and then the officer, “Who was crying?” I put up my hand and said, “Me your Honor.” The judge looked at the officer and the cop smirked, “Typical female thought she could turn on the waterworks and get off.” The judge said, “I think I have heard enough.”

The thing is, a lot of narcissists are informants for the police so are above the law even if they aren’t a cop, I can’t believe what my ex got away with and wouldn’t be the least bit surprised if he was a rat.

People have to start getting outraged at police misconduct, brutality, and blatant breaking of the law; not just when someone dies, but all the time! Police need to be made accountable for their actions, just like anyone else is made accountable, they should be MORE accountable than anyone else on the face of the earth not LESS. If we can’t trust the people hired to protect us we might as all give up now and move into the hills.

I used to respect the police and now I fear them and in Canada; that is very disturbing.  I tell you this, I never call the cops any more, in my mind they are useless and have only ever made the situation worse.