Another Two Women Dead

I don't post every time I hear of another woman dying at the hand of the man who vowed to love honor and protect her, if I did, I wouldn't have time for anything else. But when it is this close to home and this horrendous I have to share as a warning to all … Continue reading Another Two Women Dead



It's been nearly 5 years since Maple Batalia was murdered by her ex boyfriend as she was leaving Simon Fraser University in Surrey, BC; with a friend. I have placed a link to the newspaper article below. Find the story here A short back ground to the story: Maple was 19 when she was murdered, … Continue reading Listen

My Site Accused Of Being Gender Biased

I received these two comments on one of my posts recently, they are similar to other comments I have gotten from men about my blog not being gender neutral and I shouldn't refer to the narcissist as "he", "him" etc "too biased towards the male as the abuser, be more neutral, women are just as … Continue reading My Site Accused Of Being Gender Biased