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How Many More Have to Die Before Society Takes Notice?

She wasn’t a movie star are married to a famous football player, she was just a single mom, living in a trailer with her two kids, 9 and 11; doing what she could to get by. It was a low rent trailer park that she lived in. I have been in the trailer park on several occasions; it was just down the road from me and I used to get mail for one of the residents there so I would drop it off.

The bastard, the son-of-a-bitch who killed her zap strapped her children and I heard that you could hear her screams as the trailer engulfed in flames. Miraculously the children got out, still zap strapped. The woman is dead. The police have caught their man. It was her ex. Small consolation when a life is lost and in such a horrific way. Those children will live the rest of their lives with the nightmare of that night waking them up in a cold sweat, what scars they will pack the rest of their lives is impossible to imagine. The sound of their mother’s screams in the middle of the night as she is burned alive because of some asshole; will be a sound that never leaves them. They are girls; any guesses on how their relationships with boys will be?

I am sickened and madder than hell because I can not believe the lack of response from society. People should be outraged, they should be opening their wallets and raising their voices to save women and children from violence; instead they still prefer to blame the victim. “tsk tsk, I never would have stayed”, “I could see a mile off he was a nut case”, “she must have liked it.” or any of the other totally absurd things that people say.

The cops hope that the family gets some consultation out of the fact that the murderer was caught so quickly. They probably knew exactly where to look because I bet this isn’t the first time they have been called. The writing was on the wall, the only thing no one knew was when, where and how.

The full story is here