Update And A Plea

I think the last time I asked for donations was last year this time or shortly after Christmas, when I had to move back to the coast. I am not even going to beat around the bush, I am in big trouble financially, or I would never ask for help. The longer a person is … Continue reading Update And A Plea


19 and Counting

And I don't mean the reality TV show, although I am sure several of the people on that show could use a membership to my new blog (or this one for that matter); I am pleased to announce we have 19 new members!!! Some of you may have gotten an invite to follow this blog … Continue reading 19 and Counting

Thanks To All Of You and Sashi Too

I am so excited to share my news............. maybe I will show you ........... it's quicker. Yes, that is what it looks like, it is my new (new to me) laptop!! Thank you all very much!!!! To all the people who donated, thank you from the bottom of my heart! I am ecstatic! Did you … Continue reading Thanks To All Of You and Sashi Too

Donations and Job Interview

I promised to put a little graph on the blog showing how the donations were coming along and couldn't. So I made a page but I don't think anyone noticed it so................drum roll please!! The grand total has come to $453!! net, so that is less the service charges and everything. I have found a laptop … Continue reading Donations and Job Interview