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Thanks To All Of You and Sashi Too

I am so excited to share my news…………. maybe I will show you ……….. it’s quicker.

20151005_12245920151005_114819 20151005_114804

Yes, that is what it looks like, it is my new (new to me) laptop!! Thank you all very much!!!!

To all the people who donated, thank you from the bottom of my heart! I am ecstatic!

Did you all notice that this baby has 8GB RAM and 1000GB HDD?? it is fast! How much did it cost me? Believe it or not, only $310. Now in Canada that doesn’t buy you much of a laptop but there is more to the story.

I went into Craig’s list the other day and there was a new ad, they were asking for $350, which I did not have, I only had $290. But the ad said that the person had bought the laptop after always using Macs and didn’t like Microsoft so was selling it after only buying it in June. I did some research on it and indeed it was sold in 2015 for over $500. I text messaged the contact number and asked how firm they were on the price. They said firm. I explained that I had a blog providing support for victims of abuse and provided the blog link.

A few minutes later I got this message

I went through your site, interesting. It is a brand new laptop lying on my desk for almost two months because I don’t care for Microsoft. Great laptop for you. It has 8 GB, more than you require. I can let you have it for $325. I understand your position none the less.

I replied

That is great! I will try to dig up the other $35 and get back to you. It might take a couple of days and I don’t expect you to hold it but I will contact you when I have the money and hopefully you still have it.

The next morning I woke up to this message on my phone

God be with you. Your work is very ennobling.

and then this one.

If I cannot sell it by tomorrow I can let you have it for $310

So I called my mom and the rest is history!!

Here is a picture of my old laptop so you can see the difference.


Notice the missing keys, but that was not the big problem, the problem was how slow it was and how the mouse had a mind of it’s own. There were days I couldn’t use it at all and other days intermittently. Now I can type til my heart’s content. Oh and he also threw in a keyboard!

(excuse the mess, I am in the middle of packing)

So you did it!! you got me a laptop, and a brand new one at that! And Sashi, the man who sold me the laptop!

I am so blessed, so extremely blessed! Prayers do get answered.

Donations and Job Interview

I promised to put a little graph on the blog showing how the donations were coming along and couldn’t. So I made a page but I don’t think anyone noticed it so…………….drum roll please!!

The grand total has come to $453!! netso that is less the service charges and everything.

I have found a laptop I will be picking up tonight for $350, leaving $100 to go towards starting the new blog.

Thank you everyone who donated!! I am so excited about getting a laptop that has all it’s keys!!

I am going to dedicate the new laptop to blogging only and save my old one as storage for pics and research etc so I don’t bog it down with too much stuff. I am so happy and excited to type on a decent keyboard! It is going to make my life so much easier and writing the book will be possible. I just could not see trying to type a book on this old clunker with the mouse with a mind of it’s own. Now my capitals will be capitals!! no more i’s, there will only be capital I’s! That has to be symbolic!!

Another kind of exciting new event is; on Quora I am the top viewed expert on narcissism!!


I also had a job interview yesterday! and I think it went really well, I certainly enjoyed meeting the young woman who interviewed me. It was for the position of a House Keeping Supervisor in Whistler, and it comes with accommodation. It is run by a woman, her brother and his wife and they own 3 houses in Whistler that they rent out. The one I saw in person is a 10 bedroom, 10 bathroom gorgeous house and they have another two, plus one they just started renovations on, another 10 bedroom home.

It is a new position, they have been doing all themselves and have found it is getting too much so they wanted someone to oversee the housekeeping end but it turns out I have a lot of other skills I can contribute, such as landscaping, decorating for the seasons and even helping out with the renovations as a goffer or whatever they need.

I am really excited about the prospect and it would put me minutes from Kristofer, but there is one possible catch, Stella. They don’t allow pets in any of the houses and my suite is above the garage at one of the properties. She didn’t say no, but she did say she had to talk to her sister in law and I offered to bring Stella to meet them. I mean she is such a sweetheart, everyone would love her but I understand why it would be an issue.

I think though, even if I don’t get the position I can be a benefit to their business and have some ideas I would like to run by them. Work for them on a contract basis and get my own place to live. So I’m not dead in the water and I have a good feeling about it. I would share the website so you all could see the places, they are simply gorgeous!! but I can’t take a chance in case someone lurks.

I had another job interview yesterday for a live in caretaker for hostel in the town just before Whistler; Squamish, where we did the casino renovation. They want someone to come on board and work with them to get it up and running by spring 2016 and it was sounding really promising, I had all the experience they wanted and the right attitude BUT the minute I mentioned Stella the interview was over. And that one is definitely a live on site type position. I was really disappointed until I went to the interview in Whistler and then I got excited about that.

What ever happens i know it will work out the way it should. Good things are coming my way, it is just a matter of time.

i have so many ideas for decorating the houses for Christmas! I would be in heaven decorating 4 houses for Christmas!!

Also my mom came with me and Kris, her and I spent the day together which was really nice and hasn’t happened in a long time. We are probably going to have Christmas dinner in Whistler this year. There are enough beds at Kris’s and he said he will give up his room and sleep on the couch or spare room so grandma and grandpa can have his room with the ensuite etc. THAT made my mom happy! and eased her mind. Also we would go up a day before and have Xmas Eve and Christmas Day, even Boxing Day so it would be relaxing, no one would be doing all the cooking because Kris is an excellent cook. No gifts, just a nice big Christmas dinner with family and anyone who doesn’t have a place to go on Christmas Day.

Life just keeps getting better and better!! I am telling you. STAY NO CONTACT and you will find peace and joy in your life too!!

Donations – PayPal Screw Up





paypalI have had a regular on the blog go to donate money and wasn’t able to. She is in the US and when she put in her country it didn’t switch to the US, the drop down where you pick what state you are in didn’t appear, instead she got a list of Canadian provinces. She tried many times apparently and still could not make a donation.

She got a hold of me via email and I have spent the last week trying to sort the problem out. I really hate automation sometimes (I know how ironic it is that I say that because without automation there would be no paypal) because they give you so many choices to pick from and none of them were the problem I was having. I got tired of battling with them in emails and broke down and phoned them. Which I most definitely did not want to do seeing as I can ill afford a higher phone bill.

Excuse me I am still so very frustrated!!

Anyway, after two phone calls and much frustration I believe the Donate button is working again. If anyone has any problems please let me know so I can fix it. I had no idea it was not working and if not for my friend Ellie I still wouldn’t know there was a problem.

Thank you Ellie for letting me know. You’re a doll!