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I Feel The Earth Move Under My Feet

“I feel the earth move under my feet” and not in a Carol King sort of way.

I have hesitated to say anything because I was hoping it would stop or I would figure out a reasonable explanation. But it hasn’t stopped, it’s gotten worse. And, its starting to make me nervous and well….. nervous enough to mention it here.

What the hell am I talking about? With all the hype about the world coming to an end in less than a month and all the natural disasters happening all over the world I didn’t want to appear paranoid. BUT!!!!
I have been stocking up on emergency supplies, my only dilemma is figuring out where to store them that I will be able to get to them should disaster strike.

The reason for my fear that the puppies and I will be in need of emergency preparedness is the damn earth keeps moving!! Ever since I have been in this trailer I can feel it shaking. Now, if the dogs get going on a good scratching of their ears or something it can make the trailer shake, or if a truck drives by the trailer will shake so it doesn’t take much to get it moving. But I am talking both dogs are sound asleep, it’s the middle of the night so no traffic and the trailer is moving. I thought maybe something walking on the trailer but the dogs are hyper alert to anything outside and I would hear the sound of it walking on the trailer but no, it is silent and the trailer moves.

I am sitting at the kitchen table, not walking around, it can happen day or night and it is enough to make the cupboard doors swing it they are open. I never feel it if I am outside, and I doubt anyone else would feel it if they are in a house, but because I am in a little trailer I feel it.

It happens a dozen times a day. It was happening before the earth quake on the coast so it isn’t just after shocks.

I have visions of the earth opening up right where the trailer is parked and the puppies and I being sucked into the center of the earth. As long as I have my puppies I will be ok.

It’s kinda unnerving in the middle of the night when the trailer starts rocking, I keep waiting for the “big one”.

Years ago when I lived at Cultus Lake I was living in a little cabin that was built on stilts. One night Kris was in bed and I was watching TV when it sounded like a train was coming down the road and then the house started rocking, I could feel the wave of the earth moving under the house. That was scary and it took me a few seconds to realize it was an earthquake. There were a few small after shocks and that is what this shaking feels like.

Does any one have any idea why the earth would be moving so much? Does the earth move before an earth quake?

I think I have enough on my plate without adding a nature disaster into the mix!!

Any ideas why the earth is moving??

The World is Not Going to End in 2012.

Do you know how I know the world isn’t going to end? Because there is  no way I am going to struggle like I am to drag my sorry butt out of this pit of poverty, fight depression daily just so I can go out there and not make enough money, haul my water, use a bucket as a toilet, have no TV, no phone, no internet unless I drive 1/2 an hour and park on the side of the road in the sweltering heat, and live so far out I can’t afford to go visit someone and no one wants to come all this way so I sit alone thinking about how HE is off living the good life telling everyone “SEE I told you she couldn’t make it on her own, she’s nobody without me”. While he drains his next love struck victim of all HER money. She won’t be so smug and sure of herself when she is out of money and he finds his next perfect woman and leaves her destitute because she causes conflict by wanting him to work.

No the world is NOT going to end until I am back on my feet and I get to witness karma do her thing! Damn it! I will not die alone in this hell hole, so the aliens, God,
terrorists, or radiactive crap floating my way will just have to wait. Otherwise why am I bothering?