When God Lets You Down

I've been talking about answered prayers lately and tiny miracles that happen every day and some bigger miracles I have witnessed, but what about when God doesn't answer your prayers or not the way you wanted him to answer? My faith continued to grow stronger, JC went through phases, he would be one way with … Continue reading When God Lets You Down


I Am Just So Dang Tired

Some things to ponder. I have typed up several lengthy (what's new) posts recently, and haven't finished any of them. My new job starts in the new year and I have been having anxiety attacks because have been disappointed so many times in recent years I have begun to doubt anything good will ever happen … Continue reading I Am Just So Dang Tired

Thankful For The Memories

I used to love all of the traditional holidays, and as much as I love Christmas and the decorations I think my favorite holiday has always been Thanksgiving. It was my favorite because you got the big turkey dinner, the family get-together and none of the commercialized gift crap. I started a tradition at my … Continue reading Thankful For The Memories