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A Little Stumbling Block Again

I just wanted to do a quick post to explain that I am going to be scarce for a couple of weeks. Nothing bad or new to report but the fellow I get my internet off of has taken off in his boat for a two week vacation. If his boat isn’t hooked up to the internet I am without internet.
Pretty well everyone on my wharf uses his connection so Dock B is without internet!! We are all in the same “boat” pardon the pun.
The marina has internet but I have to sit in the bar or restaurant to get it and it takes me over an hour to wade through my email everyday, longer if I reply to anyone.
I am going to try typing out my posts ahead of time and just copy and paste them in WordPress. I doubt I will be able to reply to ever comment though. So if I don’t reply to your comment I am not ignoring you. Everyone here is really good about welcoming new comers and supporting each other so I am confident you all will do just fine without me.
I have received a couple of donations recently and not been able to get into my email to send a proper thank you. So please know I received the donation and am SO very grateful!
I don’t know what I would do without you all.
I am doing this post on my phone but it is obsolete and I can’t do a lot of things on it; like email. I am due for an upgrade but have to get my bill paid up which I will be able to do this week. Thanks to a few angels from here.
On a side note I weighed Stella on Friday and she was 101 lbs!! I think she is going into heat too! Oh joy! She is really clingy, sucky and even more sensitive than usual.
I thought I had lost her tonight. My neighbor was over and we were having drinks up top and she jumped ship. She hung around for a long time, coming every time I called and then she was gone.
I have another eye infection and can’t wear my contacts. (I need new lens’s that is why I keep getting these eye infections. Another thing I will have to get this week) so I couldn’t see her. I walk up and down the road calling and she was no where. I was sure she had been picked up by someone.
I went back to the boat and put in my contacts so I could see to drive. My neighbor headed off in one direction; he loves Stella too and I was in panic mode, praying to God she wasn’t gone.
I drove to the back of the parking lot, calling out the window and then I heard her nails on the pavement. Oh Thankyou God!! I opened the door and she clammered over me kissing my face and I broke down in tears.
I don’t know how I would ever live without her and I would have blamed myself for not watching her closer. She has never strayed that far.
I found my neighbor and told him I had her, he was so sweet. Obviously he knew how upset I was.
Blessed, truly blessed.
With a good neighbor and my puppy is safe and asleep by my side.