The Longest 10 Days

Victor and Kristofer fell asleep on the couch with KC our spaniel, 2 weeks before the accident We were at VGH in 20 minutes; we went through every intersection with lights and sirens going, every time he put on the sirens he warned me, I felt very much like Victor and I were in capable … Continue reading The Longest 10 Days


The Phone Call That Changed It All.

That is the face of my sweet 6 week old baby boyVictor and I just after we got married preparing for a 25th anniversay party for my parents. “There must be some mistake.” “Have the police not called you Mrs. Ouellette?” “No! No one called me except the hospital to say my husband had been … Continue reading The Phone Call That Changed It All.

Anorexia, Cancer, and Sexual Dysfunction

After Jason was born I finished school and graduated with a B average, I had a job with the Bank of Commerce 2 weeks before grad and I put the past behind me; or so I thought, but as his 1st birthday approached I found it harder and harder to cope. Finally one day I … Continue reading Anorexia, Cancer, and Sexual Dysfunction

The Life and Times of Kato

you can tell he was sick, if a dog can be pale; he was.when he was still sickmy heart breaks looking at how sick he wasLoving Kato timeAlways waiting for me to returnWaiting for momma to get homeHe always sits pretty for treatstaking his job as copilot seriously. I used to have a sign on … Continue reading The Life and Times of Kato