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My Last Post For Awhile

Well, folks, this is my last post for a few days anyway. I have no idea if there is WiFi at the marina, I am hopeful. But I have another problem with accessing the internet. My charge cord broken a while back and I have been borrowing my neighbor’s cord. Seeing as I am moving I have to give the cord back and a new one costs like $70. I just haven’t had the money, I looked at my local Value Village and they didn’t have the right one but I will keep looking until I find a used one. When I do I will be back.

I won’t be able to access my email or Facebook either so I am disconnected as of right now!

My phone used to be able to access all my social media but the past month or so I haven’t been able to access the internet on my phone. I need a new phone I am told but don’t qualify for an upgrade until July and was holding out. I bought my phone not even 3 years ago and it is already considered to be obsolete.

Have a great few days, hope I am back before too long.

Love to you all. I’ll miss you.!!!