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Putting the Pieces Of Me Back Together

I just posted this on No Reim’er Reason, to read the whole post all you have to do is join the new interactive blog No Reim’er Reason for a mere $15 for a life time membership.

For those of you who have already joined the site, we have over 20 members now, remember to click on the Follow Button in the sidebar so you get notified of new posts and comments.

I changed the format of the blog because the chat feature was just not working. Now the blog is interactive like a chat room, hopefully it will be sufficient  if not, I will keep searching until I find the answer. This format is supposed to work just like a chat room, so here’s hoping.

I have been there every day at 11, but only one person showed up so far. If the time is not convenient for you please let me know and we will try to work out a time that works for most people. This is our blog, not mine, so I want your input.

Putting The Puzzle Back Together,

puzzle heart

After James and I split I literally felt as if I was in a million pieces, I didn’t even know who I was any more and nothing felt natural to me. It was a bizarre feeling, scary, I stuttered and stammered when I went out in public, I would have thoughts in my head, logical and intelligent conversation but somehow by the time it got to my mouth I couldn’t put an intelligent sentence together, I forgot words, forgot what I was going to say; I felt like a fool. I had always been very outspoken and able to get my point across, what was wrong with me? If I tried to be funny my humor fell flat, I had always been able to come back with a witty one liner if a guy hit on me and now I could not flirt to save my life; all things that had been second nature to me prior. I had been an excellent cook and now I burned toast, I had been a obsessive house cleaner and now my place was a pig sty, I didn’t know what I wanted to eat, even in a restaurant I couldn’t make up my mind. At home I ate microwave dinners, just because I knew I had to eat and it saved me having to think if what to cook. AND to top it all off all I could talk about was James, because he was always in my mind, over shadowing everything I did.

I didn’t know how to have casual chit chat, I felt out of touch with the world, like I had been gone from civilization for years and just come back and everyone had left me behind. I had nothing in my life that could relate to what my old friends were doing now.

Who was I? and how on earth was I ever going to function in this world that seemed so foreign to me after James? I had always had being the Lady Witha Truck to fall back on as my identity, but he had stripped me of that before discarding me, so I was lost, who was Carrie is she wasn’t someone’s partner and she didn’t have a job, what defined me?

19 and Counting

And I don’t mean the reality TV show, although I am sure several of the people on that show could use a membership to my new blog (or this one for that matter); I am pleased to announce we have 19 new members!!!

Some of you may have gotten an invite to follow this blog by mistake, please ignore it, the correct invitation is coming right behind it. Oooops!

Thanks to a couple of very generous followers of this blog so far everyone who has requested a free membership has received one and we still have the free one to the 50th member the hundredth plus a couple more donated free memberships.

I want to thank the people who have been so generous to donate for those who can’t afford it, it restores my faith in humanity and if there is anyone in the world who needs a break and for someone to show them that they matter and are valued it is the victims of a narcissist.

I have said it before but you guys keep reminding me how wonderful this blog is and how truly amazing it is to be able to reach out across the miles via the internet and give support both emotional and financial.


The best part of the internet is, up until now the narcissists of the world could get away with their lies, cheating and leaving a trail of destruction behind them. As much as the net enables them to suck in victims, it also gives the victims the power to speak out, find support, find information and know they aren’t crazy, narcissists can no longer hide behind the shame of the victim because now they know they aren’t alone and they are speaking out loud and clear, exposing the narc for what he is and warning others. There is  revolution starting!!!

Offer Only Good Until 2016 – Be The Best You, You Can Be

I am offering membership to my new blog at $15 until the end of 2015, that will entitle you to a lifetime membership. In 2016 there will be a monthly fee to belong.

I have designed the blog to be more interactive and am committed to spending 2 hours a day on the site to answer questions live, 11 am – 1 pm daily.

This site is comfortable, we all talk about the narcissist and how horrible he is and what he put us through, which is good for awhile, but at some point you have to stop talking about the narcissist and start looking at yourself and doing things for yourself. There is a very real danger of getting stuck in the victim mode as you embed the narc into your brain deeper and deeper by talking about him.

There are women who are lifetime members of these support forums, never rising above being a victim because they have become a victim and don’t know how to be anything else. Being a victim has many appealing things about it, you never have to take responsibility for your actions, you can blame the narc for everything bad that happens to you, you always have something to talk about, and it is a role you know and feel comfortable in plus it keeps you attached to the narc in some tiny way. Letting go of being a victim means you have to let go of the narcissist.

But to just quit the blog and start dating is a dangerous step also because you haven’t done the inner work and still not taking responsibility for your own happiness and peace. So many victims of a narc go straight into the arms of another narc because they are looking for someone to tell them they are ok, loved and wanted and what does a narc do when he first meets a new victim? he lays on the charm. When do you discover he is a narc? when he has you hooked good. How do you protect yourself? By getting to know yourself an appreciating yourself, setting boundaries, knowing your worth. THAT is what this new blog is all about YOU.

No Reim’er Reason

Just $15 for a lifetime of support! Come on, I hope to have at least a hundred members by the new year!! Just click on the donate button, specify in the memo section of the paypal form that it is for a membership in the new blog and I will forward the password to you.

There will not be a donate button on the new blog. I hate to ask for money, I get so many private emails saying I should charge for the blog, I can’t charge everyone now that they already belong to the blog. So this is the free blog.

There are 2005 followers here, surely there are at least 100 people who want to become the best they can be. I have one member who has donated $30 towards two memberships, I have one free membership left, the 50th person to sign up with get their membership for free.