Is He A Narcissist Or Is It Me?

I received the following email the other day and had to post it and my reply. I may have been a little harsh in my response, tell me what you think. hi - i love your blog.. it really helps... my ex bf and i broke up 5 months ago and i havent talked to … Continue reading Is He A Narcissist Or Is It Me?


A Journey Back In Time And A Glimpse To The Future

I recently was asked by the Canadian Center for Victims of Violence to write my story of domestic abuse for their monthly newsletter. She explained that the newsletter is read by law enforcement, politicians and other people responsible for change.I was of course honored to be asked but also felt the pressure of responsibility that … Continue reading A Journey Back In Time And A Glimpse To The Future

Poverty Is For “Other” People

Why don’t they get a job? You would never be caught dead begging for money or digging in someone else's garbage. Don't they have any pride? That’s what most people are thinking even if they don’t say it out loud; and some do. Every where you look there are pan-handlers jockeying for position at the … Continue reading Poverty Is For “Other” People

Out Of Africa

JC used to say, “If you knew the truth you wouldn’t be this upset.” I’d say, “Well tell me the truth then”. And he’d say, “You wouldn’t believe me if I told you so why bother.” A variation of this was, “If you knew the truth you’d feel really stupid for thinking what you’re thinking.” … Continue reading Out Of Africa