Sun Rise At The Marina

It doesn't surprise me that now that I have the internet I am feeling more myself. It is not that I am hooked on the internet per say but I am hooked on writing, the blog, knowing what is going on in the world and trying to find work or some way to make money. … Continue reading Sun Rise At The Marina


Another Visitor

I mentioned to a friend that lives down the road from me that I wanted a dock or party barge; next thing you know there is this dilapitated dock tied to my shore. It must be a hundred years old, maybe even a piece of the Ark. The support cross beams are broken so it … Continue reading Another Visitor

Healing Crisis

There is something every one healing from narcissistic abuse should be aware of; I had one commenter call it a healing crisis. I can't think of a more fitting name for it. It is a phenomenon that happens to a person when they are recovering from an extremely traumatic event. We have all heard how … Continue reading Healing Crisis